March 30, 2007

The Six Million Dollar Man TV Show Opening Video

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The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)

The Six Million Dollar Man is a show that was based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin, about the transformation of former astronaut Steve Austin into the first human cyborg, after being injured in a space program crash. The title of the show is credited to the fact that Austin's operation costs six million dollars. Both his legs, his right arm, and left eye are replaced with bionic (cybernetic) implants, which gives him abilities far above human normality. He is able to lift objects with super human strength, run with great speed, and telescopic vision. After his operatin, Austin goes to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent and as a test subject in bionic research. Due to the commercial success of the show, a spin-off was created in 1976 called The Bionic Woman.

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Anonymous said...

My brother had a Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure and we all wanted to play with it because we thought the bionic eye was so cool ( we can peak right thru it)! Same goes for the bionic arms showing embedded computer whatnots.

Anonymous said...

I had a six million dollar man digital watch. Remember the early digital watches with the red numbers? How I wish I still had it now. I have not been able to find any traces on the net that it ever existed but I definitely had one.

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