March 20, 2007

Roxas Boulevard & Luneta Park Photos 1910

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.



More Mahiwagang Baul photos: Malacanang Palace Photo 1926

Many thanks to everyone at, and the forums.

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Unknown said...

It's so wide open! I'm surprised there aren't any American troops in the photos since at the time the Philippines was under US occupation.

Nostalgia Manila said...


Looks like these photos were taken during siesta time. Siguro tulog ang mga tao, including lahat ng mga kanong sundalo! Hahaha. Sometimes I find myself staring at the larger images for a long time. Para ka talagang sumakay ng time machine pag tinitigan mo ng matagal.

Unknown said...

your'e right! Sometimes I feel that if you stare and concentrate at an old photo long enough, you wil actually be transported to that time and place, a'la "Somewhere in Time" :) If only!

Anonymous said...

I could still remember that heading southwards, the end of Roxas Blvd. was a big wall and you had to turn left then right to go to Paranaque and/or Las Pinas. Also, dun sa dulo na yun, I think may model house pa na nakatayo sa kaliwa. I don't know what it was for, probably for some housing/subdivision/village to be constructed somewhere near.
Well now, the model house is gone, the wall has been demolished a long time ago to give way to the Coastal Road and ayun, grabe ang traffic dun sa area na yun. I could recall that traffic then was not that bad. Hayyy...I miss the good ole' days...

Photowalker said...

Priceless photos. Never could have imagined Roxas Blvd and Luneta to be that empty.

guyfawkes1829 said...

who would have thought that this was manila? it was so wide, so peaceful, and so deserted! a far cry from the manila of today which is highly urbanized.

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