March 22, 2007

Klassik Komiks Covers: Rex #78

Nostalgia Manila in cooperation with The Philippine Comics Art Museum proudly presents, Klassik Komiks Covers! A weekly feature showcasing scans of rare, and original Pinoy Komiks covers.



December 17, 1979
Rex Publications, Inc.
Cover by Danny Tolentino

Klassik Komiks Covers is made possible through the kindness of our good friend, legendary Komikero Gerry Alanguilan. Visit Gerry's site at:

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Jon said...

It's a sad thing REX stopped publishing Komiks when I was hired at 1998. I would have loved writing for their komiks (even for the low rates).

The Nashman said...

holy crap. meron kayang dvd yang deadly fighters? i want to see 'the longest fight scene'....

Unknown said...

I noticed all the theaters showing "Deadly Fighters" is in Quezon city or Manila city, not in Makati. I think in Makati they showed mostly all the Hollywood movies :)

nena said...

wakasan tapusan lovelife komiks gus2 ko yoko ng i22loy.

nena said...

yang avenida sa janet sinehan at mga iba pa jan sa recto sikat punthan nung araw ...

Unknown said...

Can you feature Filipino Funny Komiks?

Nostalgia Manila said...

To Vince,
Good observation. I think these were movies that the movie house operators in Makati thought were more for the masa. There were definitely more American/English movies in affluent neighborhoods like Makati and Greenhills, although I think Greenhills did find a balance also showing local blockbusters like: Bagets, Ninja Kids, and Weng Weng movies.

To Culture Shiok!,
Funny Komiks and MORE coming soon! Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Vince and NM,

Except ABC Cinema in GUadalupe (Makati). ABC was the only theatre that in my memory, always showed Tagalog movies in Makati.
We would go to this movie house with my Auntie to watch Rey Malonzo/Ramon Zamora Kung Fu movies and Nino Muhlach movies,too. Dun lang kami nakakapuslit sa Tagalog movies kasi kasama nga si Auntie. "Strict kasi ang parents ko!" elitist excuse...che!

Anonymous said...

Pakisabi naman o baka may nakaka alam sa place where these theatres were before: Gaiety, Dalisay, Life, Illusion and Azcarraga.

Anonymous said...

To p.rey,

Pre if im not mistaken ung illusion eh sa quiapo yan, sa tapat ng sm at tabi ng bilihan ng crispa redmanizer na seamless shirt kso shrunk to fit..hehe, ung azcarraga somewhere in recto..

NM do we have photos of old claro m recto? ung mga theatres dun gaya ng miramar, maxim, tandem, podmon..meron pa bang merriam webster ngyon?
tska ung coronna bookstore sa mendiola..

Thanks to NM for this awesome site.. galing tlaga

Anonymous said...

I still remember this Rex Komiks. And nakakamiss yung mga Christmas issues ng mga komiks noon kasi ang gaganda ng mga kwento. Lalo pang nadadagdagan ang kulay ng Pasko.

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