November 30, 2006

The Ladybugs' Picnic Sesame Street Video

Nostalgia Manila is proud to present: The Sesame Street Lunchbox! Featuring video clips of all your favorite scenes from the original Sesame Street series.

Sesame Street played a big role in educating the younger generation during the '70s. Many agree that the original series was far more imaginative and educational compared to the one you see today. This is for everyone who grew up with the original Sesame Street. Enjoy!

The Ladybugs' Picnic
"12 ladybugs came, at the ladybugs' picnic."

Ito ang isa sa mga pinaka simpleng animated shorts na napanuod mo sa Sesame Street, pero hindi mo makalimutan ang kanta! Kahit anong gawin mo, hindi mo maalis sa ulo mo ang kantang ito. Panay ang bilang mo ng "1,2,3...4,5,6...7,8,9...10,11,12...", at memoryado mo ang mga parte ng lyrics ng kanta, at kinakanta ninyo ito ng mga classmate mo sa school. Panuurin natin!

For more Sesame Street Lunchbox: The Yoyo Master & Lost Kid

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Choose Your Own Adventure book of the week!

Nagsimula ang Choose Your Own Adventure book series noong 1979. First developed and written by Edward packard. Original talaga ang concept dahil ikaw ang main character ng libro at ikaw ang namimili kung ano ang mangyayari sa istoriya. Maraming multiple endings at napaka-sayang basahin mas lalo na pag hindi ka makapag laro sa labas at umuulan. Ito ang hinihiram mo sa library ng school mo, o binibili mo sa Goodwill, Alemars, o sa National Bookstore.

Author: Edward Packard
Don Hedin (credited as Paul Granger) (interior and original cover)
First Published:
January, 1980
0-553-14002-7 (early printings), 0-553-20913-2 (later printings)
114 pages
Number of Endings:
27 (listed as 40 on some early editions)
Plot Summary:
As an agent of the Special Intelligence Group, you must fight Russian spies and discover the secret of a mysterious new whale song.

Do you have this book? Get Paid To Review This Book!

More Choose Your Own Adventure books: The Mystery Of Chimney Rock

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Together In Electric Dreams - Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Together In Electric Dreams - Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
"We'll always be together, together in electric dreams."

Electric Dreams is a 1984 movie set in San Francisco, California that depicts a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a home computer. It stars Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen and Bud Cort (voice) and was directed by Steve Barron. The soundtrack features music from prominent popular musicians of the time, being among of the movies of this generation that actively explored the commercial link between a movie and its soundtrack. The VHS videotape conversion of this movie is rare. It was released in 1984 and again in 1991, but has not been manufactured since the mid-1990s. The movie's main theme here was a collaboration between Phil Oakey (known for Human League fame), and electronic music, synth wizard Giorgio Moroder.

More Video Hit Parade Classics: Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys

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Star Photo Nostalgia: Let's play "Sino nga ba yan?"

"Uy! Si ano yan a...! Si... si ano!" Sino nga ba? Kilala mo ba ang mga artistang nasa litratong ito? Tingnan natin kung namumukhaan mo sila. Sino sila? Sige nga! Leave your answers sa comments box. Ano pa ang hinihintay mo? Let's play!

Answer to our previous "Sino nga ba yan?"
Lou Salvador Jr. (also known as the James Dean of the Philippines)

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Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Cartoon Opening Video

There was nothing like watching your favorite cartoons on a rainy afternoon after school, or waking up early to catch Saturday morning cartoons. Relive the best of '60s, '70s, and '80s cartoons with Cartoon TV Rama!

Watch video clips of opening sequences and famous scenes taken from your favorite animated shows!

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (1977)

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels centres on the mystery-solving adventures of the Teen Angels (cowardly brunette Brenda Chance, seductive blonde Taffy Dare and brainy African-American Dee Dee Sykes) and their friend Captain Caveman (or Cavey for short), a prehistoric caveman whom the girls discovered and thawed from a block of ice. The concept and general plot for the show was seen as a parody of Charlie's Angels. It also borrowed heavily from other Hanna-Barbera shows such as Scooby-Doo and Josie and the Pussycats, among others. Captain Caveman's powers include super-strength, a variety of useful objects hidden inside his fur, and a club that allows him to fly and from which pops out different tools he uses to fight crime. His trademark is his battle cry of "Captain CAAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!" Captain Caveman's voice was provided by Mel Blanc.

Watch More Cartoon TV Rama: The Challenge of the Super Friends

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TODAS Tiger Lolos vs. Jojo Alejar & The Tigers

Tiger Lolos of The Benthouse Live!
Heto ay isang RARE video clip na nahalungkat ng Nostalgia Manila sa YouTube. Ang unang segment ng video clip ay isang comedy sketch ng TODAS, with Richie D'Horsey, Val Sotto, and Joey De Leon, spoofing Jojo Alejar and The Tigers of Penthouse Live; hosted by Martin Nivera and Pops Fernandez. Ang pangalawang segment ay dance number ng totoong Tigers, na kasama ang magaling na sumayaw na si Jojo Alejar. Panuurin natin!

Pasensya na sa video quality, at itong rare clip na ito ay sinalang mula sa isang lumang Betamax tape.
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November 29, 2006

Battle Of The Stars! "Sino ang mananalo?"

Who's cooler? Who's hotter? Who's the best of the best? It's Battle Of The Stars!

Time to choose a side, turn in your vote, and leave comments praising your favorite star. Interact with other readers and tell them why your star will come out victorious!

Keep track of the votes and see who gets voted the most. The more votes your star gets, the closer you are to victory! There can only be one! Let the battle begin!

Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. vs. Airworlf
"Sino ang mananalo sa labanang ito? Ang kotseng nagiisip na maraming weapons at sobrang bilis? O ang super helicopter na tatlo ang pilot?"
Kayo? Sino sa tingin nyo ang mananalo pag pinaglaban ang dalawang super vehicles? Malalaman natin! Sige, comments na!

More Battle Of The Stars: Laida (Daimos) vs. Zandra (Voltes V)

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November 28, 2006

Nostalgia List #14

"Si ako, si ikaw! Tutut!"
Nostalgia Lists contain various fun memories of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Everyone is encouraged to participate and add to these growing lists. Send in your list items to nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, and those chosen will be added to the next list. Please make sure to check past Nostalgia Lists to see if your list items have already been posted.

. Nanunuod ka ng "Chicks To Chicks" on IBC 13. Starring: Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Carmi Martin, Chito Arceo, Sammy Lagmay, Dina Bale, Ruby Anna, Malou De Leon, at yung cute na tisay na si Theresa Carlson "Si ikaw si ako!" also famous for saying "Tutut!" meaning: "Totoo".

Napaka-futuristic ang dating sa iyo ng movie poster ng "Class of 1984". Isa yun sa maraming movie poster na nakikita mo sa Pancake House sa tabi ng Greenhills Theater.

115. Naglalaro ka ng SuperTrump card game.

116. Pinakita sa commercial na matibay ang Sheraton Bed matapos daanan ng pison at tapak-tapakan ng elepante.

Hindi pa pininturahan ang lion sa Kennon road na dinadaanan mong papuntang Baguio.

"Hoy ano ba! Nostalgia List #15 na kasi!"
Want more Nostalgia? Read: NOSTALGIA LIST #13

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Nostalgia Treasure: Sanyo Phonograph, Philips Radio, & Quintix Tv

"Naaalala mo pa ba ito?"Everyone has some Nostalgia Treasure waiting to be found. Dig up your Nostalgia Treasure and share it with all our readers! Simply take photos of your Nostalgia Treasure and send them to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll feature it here at Nostalgia Manila!

Many thanks to our friend Arnel Bagnes who sent in these photos of his Sanyo Phonograph, Philips Radio, & Quintix Tv.

For more Nostalgia Treasure check out: Zapped Soundtrack Cassette Tape Insert & Fred Panopio Record

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The Kode: A Classic Video Game Band

The Kode is a "Classic Video Game Band" playing music from Video Game systems of the 80's and 90's. Live sets feature music from Mega Man, Contra, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mike Tysons' Punch-Out!, Castelvania, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Paperboy, etc. What sets The Kode apart from other VG cover bands is their attention to detail. The songs are played at the same tempo as their original counter-parts. Arrangements and harmonies are kept intact accurately detailing every nuance. Nothing is made easier for the musician thus paying the ultimate homage to the music that we respect. The Kode goes one step farther adding solo sections & forming chronological medleys of the already tight arrangements.

1. Super Mario Medley - DOWNLOAD
2. Mega-Man - DOWNLOAD
3. Contra - DOWNLOAD
4. Double Dragon (Live) - DOWNLOAD
5. The Legend Of Zelda (Live) - DOWNLOAD

You can listen to streaming music on the band's MySpace page as well. Many thanks to Mike of for sharing with us this really cool band. Visit and download cool indie tunes. Guilt free!
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Eric Vasilik: Rizal Park, Makati, Manila Hotel, American Cemetery, The Army Navy Club Photos '60s-'80s

Time is frozen in a single frame of film. Every bit of detail is perfectly captured by the camera lens. These photos take us back to those wonderful days when everything seemed so fresh and new, those days we wished would last forever. Relive those special moments in your life, and share your memories with Photo Nostalgia!

Rizal Park 1967. Eric Vasilik, (the eldest) with his brother Brian, and mother Ann Vasilik who was pregnant at the time with their brother Kevin.

A shot of Makati. There is a triangular park in the financial district which still exists today.

Eric in front of the Manila Hotel, 1968.

14 years later, 1982.

A shot of a mural in the American Cemetery near the Polo Club in Makati, 1967. The murals depict the war in the pacific.

Swimming at The Army Navy Club, 1968.

Many thanks to our friend Eric Vasilik who shared with us these amazing photos. Visit Eric's site at:

Send your old photos to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll feature it here on Photo Nostalgia.

More Photo Nostalgia: Makati Aerial View Photo 1963

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Magnolia Ice Cream House Photos 1973 & 1977

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.

Aurora Boulevard, Magnolia Ice Cream House 1973.

Inside the Magnolia Ice Cream House 1977.

More Mahiwagang Baul Photos: The Philippine Village Hotel 1974

Many thanks to everyone at, and the forums.

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Pinoy Rock Vintage LP

Album Of The Week is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos
. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).



More Records & Album Covers: The Reycards / In Manila

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November 27, 2006

The Adventures of Letterman: Singing in the Train The Electric Company Video

The Electric Company was an educational children's television series produced by the Children's Television Workshop, and broadcast 780 episodes over the course of six seasons, from 1971 to 1977.

The original cast included Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Judy Graubart, Lee Chamberlin, and Skip Hinnant. Ken Roberts, who was best known as a soap-opera announcer, was the narrator of some of the segments during the first season. Watch unforgettable video clips of this amazing show every Monday here at Nostalgia Manila!

The Adventures of Letterman: Singing in the Train
"It's a word, it's a plan, it's Letterman!"

Papano mo malilimutan si Letterman?! Siya ang superhero sa Electric Company na mukhang football player. Siya ang nagturo sa iyo kung papano bumuo ng mga words. Lagi kang nabubwiset sa kanyang kalaban na mukhang bumbay na laging may suot na puting turban. Salbahe talaga yun dahil iniiba niya ang mga words. Pero buti na lang, laging dumarating si Letterman to save the day.

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Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys
"Lets take a ride, and run with the dogs tonight, in suburbia."

The longevity of their career is generally attributed to their ability to create melodic pop/dance music with intelligent lyrics and striking style. They are one of the most consistently successful duos in pop music, particularly in Europe. Since 1986, they have had 39 top 30 singles in the UK including four number ones: "West End girls", "It's a sin", "Always on my mind" and "Heart". They were very successful in the United States in the mid-1980s; however, their mainstream popularity waned by 1988 with their final top 40 single, "Domino Dancing", reaching number 18 on the US pop chart. They have continued to be successful worldwide since then, however, and their popularity is still prevalent through their very active and devoted fan base.

More Video Hit Parade Classics: Wishful Thinking - China Crisis

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Hot Vintage Fashion: 70's Adidas Rekord Trainers

Feast your eyes on the grooviest, most amazing threads you'll ever find! Walk into a closet filled with the rarest vintage gear, unique accessories, and all kinds of clothing that will surely take you back to a colorful decade you always loved.

Nostalgia Manila picks out the hottest in original vintage fashion with Pormang Nostalgia!

"Wow! Orig na Rekord ya a! Pasuot naman!"


Maraming salamat kay Mark for sending in photos of these cool Adidas Kegler Super Trainers.

Matindi ka ba pagdating sa pormahan? Send us photos of your Pang-Pormang Nostalgia! Send to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com
For more "Pormang Nostalgia!" check out: 70's Adidas Rainbow Logo T-Shirt

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I Can't Tell You Why / The Eagles Chords & Lyrics

Learn to play and sing the songs that have keept your fondest memories alive! Jingle SongHits Favorites brings you timeless classics that have always warmed our hearts. Let these songs take you back to all those wonderful years. It's yesterday once more.

Artist: The Eagles

Dmaj7                        Gmaj7
Look at us baby up all night tearing our love apart
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7
Aren't we the same two people who lived through years in the dark?
Bm A/B Gmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7
Every time I try to walk away something makes me turn around and stay
Bm A/B G F#m7
And I can't tell you why.
Dmaj7 Gmaj7
When we get crazy it just ain't right girl I get lonely too
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7
You don't have to worry just hold on tight 'cause I love you.
Bb A/B Gmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7
Nothing's wrong as far as I can see we make it harder then it has to be
Bm A/B
And I can't tell you why no baby
Gmaj7 F#7sus4 F#7
I can't tell you why.....

More Jingle Song Hits Favorites: Dahil Mahal Kita / Boyfriends

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