December 29, 2006

Elvis Presley: The Ed Sullivan Shows on DVD

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Enter our Elvis DVD Contest and get a chance to win this newly released 3-disc special edition DVD set of Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Shows.

Simply answer this question: Sino ang sumikat bilang Elvis ng Pilipinas? (Who became popular as the Elvis of the Philippines?)

Send your answers to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com

CONTEST DETAILS: Make sure you add your name, your state of residence, and write: "Elvis DVD Contest" in the subject line of your email. Submissions with the correct answer will be collected, and a winner will be selected by random drawing on March 14, 2007. This contest is open to everyone with a valid U.S. mailing address. The winner of the contest will be announced on the last week of March.

Image Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISK), a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of home entertainment programming in North America, celebrates the legend of ELVIS PRESLEY with the first-ever DVD release of the undisputed king of rock 'n' roll's historic earth-shattering performances in ELVIS PRESLEY: THE ED SULLIVAN SHOWS. This 3-disc special edition DVD set is available now!

Produced by Grammy and Emmy-award winning producer Andrew Solt (Imagine: John Lennon, his Is Elvis, The History of Rock 'n' Roll, Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll), the DVD consists of the three complete Ed Sullivan Shows on which Elvis made rock 'n' roll and TV history. Elvis first appeared on the show September 9, 1956 and sent shockwaves through a repressed post-war America -- effectively opening a generational rift between parents and their children -- with his soulful singing, sexual hip gyrations and raw rock 'n' roll energyT. Elvis attracted a record-breaking audience of over 72 million people -- more than 80% of the television-viewing audience -- which equaled one of every third man, woman and child in the U.S. at that time. Viewing Elvis Presley's three appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in their entirety frames the context of the country's appetite for entertainment in 1956. By glimpsing this time capsule Elvis's raw, confident and casual performances illustrates why he was so charismatic and how he captured the imagination of the world.

On his first Sullivan appearance, Elvis performed from CBS Television City in Hollywood while he was on the West Coast shooting his first feature film Love Me Tender. Although the movie was two months away from release and the single was not available in stores, Elvis debuted the song "Love Me Tender" that night on the show; he followed it up with "Don't Be Cruel" (with the Jordanaires), "Ready Teddy" and "Hound Dog." Elvis returned on October 28, 1956 this time in New York , triggering ecstatic screams from the largely teen audience while performing his current hits "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender" and "Hound Dog." This time around, he added Lieber & Stoller's "Love Me" to his playlist. Elvis's inspired performances as well as his growing reputation for hip shaking and sensual gyrations convinced CBS's censors that the Ed Sullivan Show should film him only above the waist during his third and final appearance on January 6, 1957. On this final Sullivan show, Elvis performed "Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love Me Tender," "Don't Be Cruel," "Too Much," "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" and "Peace In The Valley." After the show went off without incident, Ed Sullivan proclaimed him, "A real decent fine boy." Sullivan, in his inimitable style, further thanked Elvis by adding, "We've never had a pleasanter experience on our show with a big name than we've had with you ... You're thoroughly all right." This was the last time Elvis would appear live on American television.

Since the DVD features the three Sullivan shows in their entirety, there are other historic variety show appearances by guests such as Carol Burnett, novelty artist Senor Wences, various Broadway stars, athletes such as boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, tennis great Don Budge, baseball legend Jackie Robinson and numerous comedians. Each of the three shows run about one hour and all include the original commercials, which aired as part of the show's live broadcast. The 3-disc special edition DVD features re-mastered Dolby Digital 5.1 audio as well as the original mono soundtrack. The Kinescope video has been enhanced by a breakthrough technical process -- created by a company called Live Feed -- resulting in an optimal sound and visual experience.

Special bonus features include: a rare color 8mm home movie shot in 1955 which is the first-ever recorded footage of a very young Elvis (age 20) who was not yet managed by Col. Tom Parker; special Elvis moments including an appearance by comedian John Byner; and home movies of Elvis and Priscilla with some of the earliest shots of their daughter Lisa Marie. In addition, the package includes insightful interviews and reminiscing with legendary producer Sam Phillips of Sun Records, Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires, Marlo Lewis, producer of these three historic Ed Sullivan Shows, renowned television host Wink Martindale; High School buddy and Memphis DJ George Klein and Elvis's close friend and Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling, author of Me And A Guy Named Elvis. The impressive package also includes a collectible booklet about Elvis on Sullivan featuring liner-notes written by pre-eminent rock scribe, Greil Marcus.

About SOFA Entertainment
SOFA Entertainment is an independent production company in Hollywood and the exclusive owner of "The Ed Sullivan Show," which holds 23 years of the Golden Age of Television. Since it was formed in 1990 by Andrew Solt, SOFA Entertainment along with its sister company, Andrew Solt Productions, has produced hundreds of hours of television and DVD programming. SOFA Entertainment is 50% owner of Historic Films Archives, LLC, which holds over 30,000 hours of music, pop culture, history and entertainment programming.

About Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) is based in Memphis , with additional offices in Los Angeles . In addition to Graceland and its related attractions in Memphis , including the Heartbreak Hotel, EPE is aggressively involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and Internet projects. For more information on EPE and Graceland , visit . EPE is a subsidiary of CKX, Inc. (, a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ National Market System (NMS) under the ticker symbol CKXE.

About Image Entertainment
Image Entertainment, Inc. is a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of home entertainment programming in North America , with over 3,000 exclusive DVD titles and approximately 200 exclusive CD titles in domestic release and approximately 300 programs internationally via sublicense agreements. For many of its titles, the Company has exclusive audio and broadcast rights and, through its subsidiary Egami Media, Inc., has digital download rights to more than 1,500 video programs and over 150 audio programs containing more than 2,500 tracks. The Company is headquartered in Chatsworth , California , and has a domestic distribution facility in Las Vegas , Nevada . The Company's subsidiary Image Entertainment (UK) maintains a content acquisition office in London , England . For more information about Image Entertainment, Inc., please go to

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December 04, 2006

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

It's been an amazing three months since the first Nostalgia List was posted on September 10th, 2006. Since then, Nostalgia Manila has been featured by other blog sites, as well as numerous newspapers, and magazines. There were no consious objectives when I first started this blog; I simply wanted to share with others this love and respect for all things past.

Nostalgia Manila has enthusiastically re-examined many forgotten wonders that have brought back wonderful memories to all the readers. Feeling nostalgic is a powerful emotion shared by many, and I've discovered that nostalgia can bring people together. I've received emails from people who have been reunited with long lost schoolmates, neighbors, and friends, through reading and contributing to this blog.

As we celebrate the holiday season, we can't help but feel somewhat nostalgic; hearing an old song, glancing at old photos, sharing our favorite stories; reminiscing with family and loved ones. It's that special time of year when we reflect on those special moments in our lives that has made us all unique. Nostalgia Manila is a window to our past; a place we often visit to relive and rediscover those treasured memories, finding peace and content from a source of purity and innosence.

Thank you to everyone who has continuously supported this blog. I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

--Nostalgia Manila

Nostalgia Manila will be on leave for Christmas Break and will resume its regular posting schedule after the new year. We will be taking this time to collect new material for new and exciting features in 2007.

Nostalgia Manila has been the source for many people who wish to learn and revisit the joys of '60s, '70s, and '80s Pinoy Pop Culture. This site has been a treasure chest of information and photos, and I've noticed that quite a few people have been inspired in writing nostalgia related posts, stories, and articles, on various blogs, and using photos taken from this site.

I am not a fan of images that have ugly watermarks on them, and this is why I have decided not to place watermarks on the photos you find on this site, as this site is for everyone. But what I do ask in return is that if you wish to use any of the photos found here, or if you were inspired to write about something which was featured on this site, PLEASE MAKE A REFERENCE NOTE AND LINK BACK TO NOSTALGIA MANILA! It is a very small favor to ask, and I think it's common courtesy to acknowledge this site as a reference source. Many thanks, and continue to spread Nostalgia Fever!

Whether you're a true fan, or someone who just recently discovered this blog, spend hours of fun and enjoy Nostalgia Manila with family and friends!

Nostalgia Manila Radio plays all your favorite hits of yesterday. This holiday season, Nostalgia Manila Radio will be playing hits from the original VST & Company Christmas Album! Listen to these super RARE tracks and bring in the holidays with VST & Company!

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Nicholas Stoodley - Living In The Twilight Zone
Tune in every Saturday as the legendary Nicholas Stoodley recalls the Disco Decade in Manila when Martial Law, Cuban heels, Donna Summer, Coco Banana and a lot of hair combined in a frenzy of uncertain excitement.

Get to know the person behind Nostalgia Manila and read the Manila Bulletin Interview.

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Maraming salamat po!

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Nostalgia Treasure: Vintage Serg's Christmas Ad from Liwayway Magazine

"Naaalala mo pa ba ito?"Everyone has some Nostalgia Treasure waiting to be found. Dig up your Nostalgia Treasure and share it with all our readers! Simply take photos of your Nostalgia Treasure and send them to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll feature it here at Nostalgia Manila!


Welcome The Holidays With Serg's!

For the kids, for your friends, for you! Soft, hard, or filled, Serg's candies which come in a variety of flavors will definitely lend a more festive atmosphere to the holidays. Buy all you need for Christmas now!

Have several jars of Quina Instant Coffee ready for the holidays. Your guests will want more than just a cup of this rich, pure coffee with no sour taste!

When your friends drop in during the holidays, serve them the best-tasting chocolate products in the market: Serg's Chocolate Bars, Breakfast Cocoa, Choc-O-Malt and Choc-lettes. They'll welcome this delightful treat!

Many thanks to our friend Polo who sent in this amazing scan of a Serg's Christmas Advert from an old Liwayway Magazine.

Related Nostalgia Treasure: Serg's Breakfast Cocoa

For more Nostalgia Treasure check out: Sanyo Phonograph, Philips Radio, & Quintix Tv

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VST & Company / Boogie Woogie Christmas Day Vintage LP

Album Of The Week is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos
. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).


More Records & Album Covers: Pinoy Rock

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December 01, 2006

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
"It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid."

The recording studio gave Band Aid 24 hours free to record and mix the song on November 25, 1984. The recording took place between 11.00 am and 7.00 pm, and was filmed to release as the single's music video. The first track to be put down was drums by Phil Collins including the memorable opening 'African Drum' beat. But in reality, the introduction of the song features a slowed down sample from a Tears For Fears' track called "The Hurting". Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet was the first to record his vocal while a section sung by Status Quo was deemed unusable and replaced with the Paul Weller/Sting/Glenn Gregory section. Paul Young has admitted since in a documentary that he knew his opening lines were written for David Bowie, who was not able to make the recording but made a contribution to the B-side. Boy George arrived last at 6pm after Geldof woke him up by phone to have him flown over from New York on Concorde to record his solo part.

The Band Aid project inspired other charity records around the world including "We Are the World" by USA for Africa in the USA, "Nackt im Wind" by Band für Afrika in Germany, "Tears Are Not Enough" by Northern Lights in Canada and many others.

The idea of an all-star celebrity fundraising song for charity was copied in the United States a few months later, with the song We Are The World by USA for Africa, co-written by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Geldof's first point of contact Lionel Richie. It topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Geldof attended the recording, which took place immediately after the 1985 American Music Awards, and sang on the chorus at the end.

Tears Are Not Enough was a 1985 charity single recorded by a supergroup of Canadian artists, under the name Northern Lights, to raise funds for famine reliefs in Ethiopia.

More Video Hit Parade Classics: Together In Electric Dreams - Philip Oakey

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Nicholas Stoodley - Living in the Twilight Zone Chapter 2

Tune in every Saturday as Nicholas recalls the Disco Decade in Manila when Martial Law, Cuban heels, Donna Summer, Coco Banana and a lot of hair combined in a frenzy of uncertain excitement.

Chapter 2 - Cold Turkey!

Waking the next morning in a strange bed in a strange house surrounded by strange people I was assured that we had all had a wonderful time: but HOW I wondered, and who with and what do I do now? And yet unknowingly I had already sown the seeds of my fate. Through the complicated maze of people who knew people who knew people, plans for my future were already being drawn up without me having to do anything at all.

I was, after all; so it had been discovered by someone during the previous evenings alcoholically fuelled reverie; an assistant of Valentino in Rome – even then one of the top designers in the world – and as such I was therefore a potential vehicle by which fame and fortune could be bestowed upon those lucky enough to get in quick. And get in quick they did. A few hours later I was already being offered money to open up one of the first – if not THE first - Ready to Wear Clothing stores in Manila.

Endulgence is his favorite occupation. On the terrace of his apartment in Rome with another Valentino assistant, 1975.

Not wishing to disabuse these moneyed potential backers that I had in fact been designing furniture, textiles and home decor for Valentino and NOT clothes, a deal was quickly signed. I was young and adventurous and besotted by the somewhat eclectic charms of a city that appeared to be both exciting and dangerous, exotic and insane and generally uncivilized compared to the much more structured existence I had vaguely enjoyed in Europe.

Thus was born NICHOLAS STOODLEY. I opened the first shop in Goldcrest Makati which in those days was reasonably smart and anyway one of the few places you actually could have a store in Makati! There was Rustans and Shoemart was just about to open but apart from that there were still green fields in the center.

It had been that simple and that fast! In a matter of weeks after arriving I had installed myself in a rented house in one of the Scout streets in Quezon City, had acquired a taciturn maid named Elving and an absolute terror that I must have gone soft in the head. For what did I actually KNOW about designing clothes? True I had once made a silk patchwork shirt for Picasso (another story) and was a designer but not of clothes please. Fashion actually bored me. I had spent much of my formative years rebelling against convention, fashion and the air-headed fixations of those that could not be seen in public without "dressing" for the occasion. It had been so fast and I had been, as so many foreigners were that ended up in Manila, flattered and feted and adored: my fabulous blue eyes and straight nose and Valentino. But reality bit deep one damp, gray morning in Scout Magbanua when I realized for the first time that a shop bearing my name would be opening in eight weeks and I had rather high expectations (mostly built on air) to live up to. Cold turkey!

Previously: Chapter 1 - An English Virgin

Start from the beginning! Read: Chapter 1 - An English Virgin

Nicholas Stoodley was born near London and has lived at one time or another in the South of France, Rome, Sydney, Tagaytay, England, Paris and Manila with plans to move to Ibiza shortly. A former assistant to Valentino in Rome, he arrived in Manila in 1976 and pioneered Ready to Wear in the Philippines with the NICHOLAS STOODLEY brand of casual clothing. During his stay in the Philippines Nicholas also won the PBA Invitational Basketball Conference in 1980 with his team from Los Angeles, designed and manufactured a Stainless Steel Sports Utility Jeep that was featured in the Frankfurt Motor Show and opened "Skatetown", a Roller Disco with Jorge Araneta in Cubao. And that was just the first course!

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