February 28, 2007

Dear Heart 1981: Sharon & Gabby

This movie is a big Sharon & Gabby favorite! The first video clip is of the kakakilig scene of April (Sharon Cuneta) singing the movie theme song "And I Don't Want You To Go" by Lani Hall. The second is a cute comedic scene of Jimmy (Gabby) and April (Sharon) meeting on their first lunch date, while April's yaya intervenes.

Dear Heart (1981) Starring: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Josephine Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Rosmarie Gill, Suzanne Gonzalez, Ting Jocson, Fred Montilla, and Ronaldo Valdez.

Many thanks to Winston71 and berks19 for uploading.

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Commercial Break: Sharon Cuneta Lux 1988

Here's the Mega Star doing her famous Lux Soap Commercial in 1988. In these commercials, the star would always lather up soap suds which would be applied onto a dry leaf, which they say made the leaf softer, which then leads to the conclusion that it also softens your skin.

Many thanks to kkabuto68.

For more Commercial Nostalgia, check out: Philippine Airlines 1987

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Sine-Swerte-Swerte Lang

Swerte rin naman talaga itong mga anak ko. Pag type nilang manood ng favorite movies nila, hahanapin lang nila ang DVD nito at isasaksak sa DVD player. Instant gratification! Sa bahay pa lang, napanuod na nila ang sine. Hindi na nila kailangang hagilapin pa ito sa mga second-run theaters. Anytime of the day, basta gusto nilang mapanuod si Buzz Lightyear o makipag-halakhakan kay Shrek, pwedeng-pwede!

Kami nuon, swerte na kung payagan kami ng mga magulang namin na manuod ng sine. Ang dami pa kasing restrictions.

Pag Action, hindi pwede; puro barilan at suntukan lang raw naman. Pag may seksing mga bebots, hindi rin pwede. Bomba raw yun, For Adults Only . Eh kung may Nora o Vilma, hindi rin pwede. Bakya! Si Dolphy kaya? Yan, sige, OK. Hayun, kasama mo pa sila sa last full show ng Omeng Satanasya. Hindi ko nga man lang naintindihan yung buong storya. Sa haba eh nakatulog pa ata ako. Ang naaalala ko lang, tatlo ang roles ni Dolphy duon- matandang scientist na nagpabata, anghel, at baklang dimonyo.

Pero pag Disney Animated Films, aprub naman ang mga parents namin. Dumbo, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,etc.; wholesome at pang-pamilya ang tema ng mga storya kaya OK sa kanila.

Ang problema, once in a blue moon nga lang kung ipalabas. Tipong papatayin ka sa pananabik; kaya pag napanuod mo tuloy, gusto mo pang ulitin. Parang gusto mo nang tumira sa loob ng sinehan. Kasi naman, kapag natapos mo na ang palabas at pa-exit ka na sa lobby, alam mo na bawal nang bumalik sa loob. Sabi kasi nung guard bawal ang repeats at milagro lang kung magbayad pa ulit sa Papa at Mama, para lang pagbigyan ang kapritcho mo.

Kaya kung nag-enjoy kang panuorin ang mga UFOs at aliens sa Close Encounters of the Third Kind, at gusto mo pang ulitin, (Bakit kasi nagalit kay Richard Dreyfuss yung asawa nya? Para gumagawa lang naman ng bundok ng mashed potatoes ) sorry ka na lang!

Hindi pa kasi naimbento ang betamax o VHS nuon. Mga dalawang dekada pa ang iintayin mo bago mauso ang DVDs.

Siguro naman, pag inabot mo pa ang araw na yon, kung se-swertehin ka at kumikita ka na; can afford mo nang bumili ng sarili mong DVD player at mangolekta ng ibat-ibang titulo sa DVD. Pagdating ng araw na yon, betcha by golly wow!

I betcha, gagasgasin mo ang mga DVDs mo ng Star Wars Collection at walang pwedeng pumigil sa yo, kahit na mapudpod pa ang daliri mo sa remote. Anak, tabi nga dyan, ako naman.

More Random Recall Machine: The Makati We Once Knew

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Classic Eat Bulaga Video Clips

1981 2nd Anniversary
Welcome / Show intro Tito, Vic, & Joey - Dial up 466 kb / DSL 2.4 mb
Gina Alajar - Dial up 420 kb / DSL 3.4 mb
Balut - Dial up 484 kb / DSL 2.6 mb
Ramon Zamora - Dial up 643 kb / DSL 5.2 mb

1983 4th Anniversary
Coney, Tito, Vic, & Joey Arrive at the Studio - Dial up 885 kb / DSL 7.2 mb
Coney sings "I Enjoy Being A Girl" - Dial up 783 kb / DSL 4.1 mb
'80s Dancing / Showcasing the winners of various dance contests - Dial up 1.8 mb / DSL 9.5 mb

1983 Special Show at the Araneta Coliseum
Tito, Vic, & Joey song number - Dial up 1.2 mb / DSL 15.7 mb
Sharon Cuneta sings "If I Should Learn To Love Again" - Dial up 1.1 mb / DSL 14.4 mb

A Decade of Dance Hits: Contest Winners
1980 Macho - Dial up 602 kb / DSL 3.1 mb
1981 Xanadu - Dial up 696 kb / DSL 3.6 mb
1982 Futuristic - Dial up 720 kb / DSL 3.8 mb
1983 Staying Alive - Dial up 674 kb / DSL 3.5 mb
1984 Breakdance - Dial up 656 kb / DSL 3.4 mb
1985 Fast Forward - Dial up 658 kb / DSL 3.4 mb
1986 Rico Mambo - Dial up 634 kb / DSL 3.3 mb
1987 Xanadu - Dial up 651 kb / DSL 3.4 mb

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Tito, Vic, & Joey Interview Video Clip

Tito, Vic, & Joey talk about their beginnings and early days in showbiz. The video clip features really cool old photos, and funny stories shared by the comic trio.

Many thanks to markescarlan for uploading.

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Original Eat Bulaga Theme Lyrics

"Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo..." Ang Eat bulaga ay unang pinalabas noong July 30, 1979 sa RPN 9 (Radio Philippines Network) sa Broadcast City, Diliman, Quezon City. Sina Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, Chiqui Hollman, at si Richie Reyes (aka Richie d' Horsie) ang original hosts ng show. Ang original theme ng programa ay inintroduce noong 1982: Co-written by Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon and arranged by Homer Flores.

Mula Aparri Hanggang Jolo
Saan ka man ay halina tayo
Isang libo't Isang tuwa
Buong bansa... Eat Bulaga

Sina Tito, Vic at Joey
Kasama pati si Coney
Silang apat ay nagbibigay
Ligaya sa ating buhay

Buong bansa ay nagkakaisa
Sa tuwa't saya na aming dala
Isang libo't isang tuwa
Buong bansa... Eat Bulaga!

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Nostalgia Bloggista: Reno Maniquis

Are you a Pinoy Blogger? Get featured as a Nostalgia Bloggista! Not only are you sharing your wonderful memories of the '70s and '80s, but you also get a free link back! This is a great way to introduce your blog and get a lot of exposure! Just send me an email, write "Nostalgia Bloggista" on the subject line, and you'll soon be featured here on Nostalgia Bloggista!

Batgirl & Robin: Me and my older sister around 1978.

Name: Reno Maniquis
Blog: http://ka-blog.blogspot.com

1. Where did you grow up, and what made that place special?
I was born in Sampaloc, Manila, but grew up in Parañaque. I spent childhood, teenage years, and most of my adult life there. I remember when we first moved into our subdivision, we were only the second house in the area. Everywhere you looked you saw "talahib." Me and my siblings and the kids from the one other house used to play hide and seek in the tall grass, never mindful of any snakes that might be living there (and there were). As the years went by, more houses were constructed and the number of our childhood friends grew. We would ride our BMXs, make obstacle courses in the empty lots, and we would play in the still-being-constructed houses, much to the dismay of our parents.

2. What was your favorite tv show, cartoon, or children's show growing up? What did you like about these shows that made them your favorite?
This is a difficult question to answer, since there were so many. Educationally, I'd have to say Sesame Street. I'd watch Electric Company, but Sesame Street was much more interesting since they had a bigger range of topics, whereas Electric Company was concentrated mostly on words and reading. Cartoons... Voltes V wins hands down. I guess it was the first Giant Robot show that was shown here in the Philippines, that's why it made such an impact on kids my age.

3. Favorite music group or artist? Most memorable song?
During the 80s, there were two camps: Duran Duran ka ba o Spandau Ballet? I was always on the Spandau Ballet side. They were just more cooler and suave to me, I guess.

4. Share with our readers one of your fondest memories of growing up.
It was a blast being a kid back then, especially during summer vacation. You'd be out of the house all day, coming home to eat lunch, then take a nap (because your parents told you to), then go out and play again at around 3pm. We played all the games... Taguan, syato, kidlat, tumbang preso, patintero, piko, minkey monkey annabelle, cops and robbers... The whole shebang.

5. What do you miss from back then that's not available today?
I miss seeing kids play outside the house. Nowadays, most kids are cooped up watching TV or playing videos or hunched over on a computer. And during my childhood, parents don't have to worry that their kids are out of the house. There were no cellphones back then, even landline phones were a rarity. There was no way for a parent to track down where their kids are, but still, they weren't too worried. I guess the world was a much safer place back then.

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Nostalgia List #22

"Sports Headlines 1971: Basket Brawl!"
Nostalgia Lists contain various fun memories of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Everyone is encouraged to participate and add to these growing lists. Send in your list items to nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, and those chosen will be added to the next list. Please make sure to check past Nostalgia Lists to see if your list items have already been posted.

1971 nagkaroon ng "Basket Brawl", nagsuntukan ang YCO Floorwax team at ang Crispa.

Superwheel ang major soap sponsor ng mga pa-contest sa Eat Bulaga.

Tawang-tawa ka kay Apeng Daldal sa kanyang show na Cafeteria Aroma.

Umiinom ka ng Cetrin.

157. Sa Burnham Park sa Baguio ka unang nakakita ng Tandem Bike, at sumakay ng bike na may sidecar.

"I want Nostaliga List #23! I want Nostaliga List #23!"
Want more Nostalgia? Read: NOSTALGIA LIST #21

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Nostalgia Treasure: Bandai Pink 5 Bioman Figure

"Naaalala mo pa ba ito?"Everyone has some Nostalgia Treasure waiting to be found. Dig up your Nostalgia Treasure and share it with all our readers! Simply take photos of your Nostalgia Treasure and send them to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll feature it here at Nostalgia Manila!

Many thanks to our friend Alex who sent in a cool photo of this Original Bandai Pink 5 Bioman Figure.

For more Nostalgia Treasure check out: Nintendo Family Computer Game System

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February 27, 2007

Seeing Stars: Beauty Movie News 1973 Nora Aunor Tirso Cruz III Vilma Santos Darna

Seeing Stars is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: philippine.music (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).

More Seeing Stars: Movie Specials 1972

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Ayala Avenue, Makati Photo '60s

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.

More Mahiwagang Baul photos: Winding road to Baguio Photo 1926

Many thanks to everyone at www.skyscrapercity.com, and the www.pinoyexchange.com forums.

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Daene Luna Photo '80s

Time is frozen in a single frame of film. Every bit of detail is perfectly captured by the camera lens. These photos take us back to those wonderful days when everything seemed so fresh and new, those days we wished would last forever. Relive those special moments in your life, and share your memories with Photo Nostalgia!

Hello Nostalgia Manila!
I was born in 1985 and don't remember much before the 90's but I love your site! Especially when you featured Bagets because I love that movie....hahaha! When I read through your site's articles and entries it's like I'm looking at old photo albums in my grandparents' house... an activity I enjoy very much!

Anyway here is a picture of me as a baby circa mid-80's...that's my mom in the photo. The bandana on my forehead says "I heart Ninoy".

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Many thanks to our friend Daene Luna who shared this photo with us.

Share your memories with our readers! Send your old photos to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll feature it here on Photo Nostalgia.

More Photo Nostalgia: SM City Photo 1985

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Johnny Midnight / Toning Vintage LP

Album Of The Week is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos
. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: philippine.music (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).



More Records & Album Covers: Nonoy Zuniga / Much More

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February 25, 2007

Hot Vintage Fashion: 80's Menudo Concert T-Shirt

Feast your eyes on the grooviest, most amazing threads you'll ever find! Walk into a closet filled with the rarest vintage gear, unique accessories, and all kinds of clothing that will surely take you back to a colorful decade you always loved.

Nostalgia Manila picks out the hottest in original vintage fashion with Pormang Nostalgia!

"Manunuod sana ako ng concert pero hindi ako pinayagan ng Mommy at Daddy ko dahil exams ko next week na... gusto ko pa naman sana bumili ng t-shirt nila! Pahiram na lang ng shirt mo pwede?"

Maraming salamat kay Remy for sending this photo of her original '80s Menudo Concert Shirt.
Matindi ka ba pagdating sa pormahan? Send us photos of your Pang-Pormang Nostalgia! Send to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com
For more "Pormang Nostalgia!" check out: 80's Swatch Watch

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Lea Salonga Performing With Menudo Live in Manila: "Separate Lives" 1987

Here's a rare music clip of Lea Salonga with Menudo performing "Separate Lives" circa 1987.

Many thanks to Ogie for forwarding, thanks to PanaJunior for uploading.

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'70s Music As You Like It

By: Dot Ramos Balasbas-Gancayco
The Philippine Star

At Nonoy Zuñiga's recent Valentine concerts at the Metrobar and the Celebrity Club, I was amazed at the way the audience, composed mainly of professionals aged 35 and above, reacted to his folk songs portion. Nonoy, who unknown to many started as a folk singer, was able, with only his nylon guitar as backup, to lead the audience of more than 500 people at each venue to sing their hearts out to '70s songs like Father and Son, Danny’s Song, Vincent, You’ve Got a Friend, Birthday Song, Love Song and I Won’t Last a Day Without You.

It was such a great feeling - singing without care with strangers you felt bonded with through the music of the likes of James Taylor, Cat Stevens and The Carpenters. It was as if we were all a family, because we knew all those songs by heart. We kept pleading for more.

And so afterwards, I asked myself, if there are so many people like me who had a longing for this kind of pure, soft music so relaxing and pleasant to the ears, there should be a place where people could go to, to listen to and savor those songs. Contrary to what some people think - that '70s artists are a dying breed - I believe that this is their moment!

Consumers of this demographic category - around my age, at the prime of their careers, with extra cash for nights out, now very much into school homecomings, barkada and org reunions - are actually looking for these '70s singers! People who had their most unforgettable experiences in grade school, high school or college in the '70s are yearning for things that trigger memories of those good old days. They just do not know where to go.

Luckily for us, My Bro's Mustache, owned by successful entrepreneurs Boy and Gigi Vinzon, houses these most talented artists. Now located in its new address at 68 Sct. Tuazon cor. Sct. Madriñan Sts., very near Timog Ave., QC, the new My Bro's Mustache venue has gone further. Boy, with the help of artist Mon Espia and Jojo Robles of the Manila Standard, has come up with an album entitled Restrung: Lumang Gitara, Bagong Kanta, featuring My Bro's Mustache artists, who include folk and rock icons and upcoming artists doing all new original songs.

I could not believe it when I saw the names of the artists Mon, Boy and Jojo put together in one album through blood, sweat and tears. I would like to mention all of them here plus a few important details about some of them:

• Florante. He is the artist behind the undying songs Handog (which my St. Joseph's College batch sang for our high school teachers on our Silver Anniversary Homecoming with matching tears in our eyes!), and Ako'y Isang Pinoy.

• Heber Bartolome . He composed Tayo'y Mga Pinoy, which taught us to be proud to be Filipinos.

• Joey "Pepe" Smith. Who does not know Pepe Smith of the Juan de la Cruz band fame? Regarded as the Philippines’ real and original Filipino Rock Star, he shook the Philippine rock music with his Himig Natin.

• Lolita Carbon. She of Asin fame and her deep, husky voice has been described by world jazz champion Mon David as "waring nagmumula sa lupa." Her contribution to this album is said to be, undoubtedly, the sexiest.

• Wally Gonzalez. He has been introduced as the "God of Guitar" and the "Father of Rock Guitar." Need I say more?

• Rannie Raymundo . This pop icon's rhythm comes from the heart. He unselfishly lent his talent as a drummer to a number of songs in the album.

• Noel Cabangon. He is said to be "The Voice of Life," "The Voice of Hope" who mesmerizes people when he sings on stage.

• Lester Demetillo. Now the head of the UP College of Music Guitar Dept., Prof. Lester is my son Jonjon's former guitar teacher. I would like to sincerely thank Prof. Lester for introducing me to My Bro's Mustache, where my balikbayan guests and in-laws Annie and Lito, had their grandest time going down memory lane.

• Susan Fernandez . Her meaningful songs have made her the "Voice of Women" with all her meaningful songs.

• Paul Galang. One of the most beautiful and unforgettable voices I have ever heard, he composed the song, Salamat Pepe, also in this album, as a tribute to Joey "Pepe" Smith and to all the gallant men and women of '70s Philippine rock.

• Chickoy Pura. The lead singer of the group The Jerks, whom I had the pleasure of having personally interviewed, humbly says he is very honored to be with music legends in this album. He feels very nostalgic working with folk singers of the '70s.

• Mon Espia. The brains behind the album, Mon's dedication to music is admirable and unwavering. Despite the odds, he attained his dream of putting all these outstanding artists together in one project. His composition, Caleb's Song, is one of my favorites as it speaks of a parent's great love for his child.

• Jesse Bartolome. He is one of the three talented brothers known as Banyuhay.

• Bobby Mondejar . He was with the group Hiyas, and seduces you with his song Let's Spend the Night.

• Albert de Pano is a former schoolmate at the Kamuning Elementary School. Albert plays the guitar and sings very well. He gives justice to every song he performs. There are also very beautiful contributions from Corky and Kiko, Hans and Reagan, Joniver, Rey and Ernel Mendoza.

This rare, unprecedented album entitled Restrung: Lumang Gitara contains 19 songs from 22 artists. It is worth a hundred times its price of P299.

Exclusively distributed at My Bro's Mustache (with contact number 0917-8948129), the album offer from big recording distributors allows it to reach the artists’ countless fans all over the country and abroad. The album will surely form part of the collection not only of those fond of the '70s but also of our children and grandchildren.

Thank you, Boy and Gigi, for giving these Philippine music industry giants a place they could call home. Mon, Boy, and Jojo, thank you for making this album happen. This means so much to all your featured artists and to us, their admirers.

With all the good reviews and the encouraging sales, all the stress, tension, pressure and hard work are now paying off. I am praying for the widest distribution! I am looking forward to a big concert at a big venue.

And to all artists included in the album, borrowing the words of Paul Galang in the last featured song, I say: Salamat, Pepe at sa inyong lahat sa inyong awitin. Salamat Pepe, at sa inyong lahat sa himig natin…sariling atin!

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Like A Cannonball - Menudo 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Like A Cannonball - Menudo
"I gave you a license to drive me up the wall, I just can’t shake this spell that your love keeps me under."

1984 ang taon na nainlab ang buong Pilipinas kina Robby Rosa, Ray Reyes, Roy Rosello, Charlie Rivera, at ang pinakabatang miyembro ng grupo na si Ricky Martin. Kahit saan ka pumunta noon ay makikita mo ang kanilang mga posters at kung anu-anong advertising materials. Lagi silang guest sa lahat ng mga local tv shows para i-promote ang kanilang mga sold-out concerts, at kinikilig ang mga dalagita pag nakikita nila ang mga teen idols sa mga tv commercials. Malaki ang kinita ng mga nagbenta ng Menudo merchandise noong kainitan ng grupo sa Manila: notebooks, pencil cases, erasers, tshirts, bedsheets, relos, at kung anu-ano pa! Itong kantang ito ang naging official theme song ng pelikulang Cannonball Run 2, at ang introduction song ng grupo sa kanilang pagsikat sa Pilipinas.

May magandang balita ang Nostalgia Manila para sa lahat ng fans ng original Menudo! Available na ngayon ang Menudo "Video Explosion" DVD! Mapapanuod mo na ang lahat ng iyong mga paburitong music videos ng grupo! The Menudo "Video Explosion" DVD is now available at Nostalgia Manila's Retro Mart! Get it today!

More Video Hit Parade Classics: Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross

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High Harry The Electric Company Video

The Electric Company was an educational children's television series produced by the Children's Television Workshop, and broadcast 780 episodes over the course of six seasons, from 1971 to 1977.

The original cast included Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Judy Graubart, Lee Chamberlin, and Skip Hinnant. Ken Roberts, who was best known as a soap-opera announcer, was the narrator of some of the segments during the first season. Watch unforgettable video clips of this amazing show every Monday here at Nostalgia Manila!

High Harry
"Here is Harry. Harry works high in the sky."

Si Harry ay isang construction worker na mahilig umakyat sa pinakamataas na parte ng kanyang building site, at doon siya kumakain ng kanyang lunch. Pero nagkataon naman na kung kailan na siya nakaakyat sa pinakataas, doon lang niya nalaman na nakalimutan pala niya ang kanyang baon!

More Electric Company Monday video clips: Billy Lick A Lolly

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Woman / John Lennon Chords & Lyrics

Learn to play and sing the songs that have keept your fondest memories alive! Jingle SongHits Favorites brings you timeless classics that have always warmed our hearts. Let these songs take you back to all those wonderful years. It's yesterday once more.


Artist: John Lennon

Intro: Ebsus4   Eb| Ab/Eb  Eb

Eb Fm7 Eb/G Fm7
Woman, I can hardly express
Eb Cm Fm Bbsus4 Bb
my mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness.
Ab Fm7 Gm Bbsus4 B
After all, I'm forever in your debt.
Eb Fm7 Eb/G Fm7
And woman, I will try to express
Eb Cm Fm Bbsus4 B
my inner feelings and thankfulness
Ab Fm7 Gm Bbsus4 B
for showing me the meaning of success______.


Ebmaj9 Cm7 Fm7 Bb6
Ooh,_____________ well,well Doo doo doo doo doo.

Eb Fm7 Eb/G Fm7
Woman, I know you understand
Eb Cm Fm Bbsus4 B
the little children inside the man.
Ab Fm7 Gm Bbsus4 B
Please remember, my life is in your hands.
Eb Fm7 Eb/G Fm7
And woman, hold me close to your heart.
Eb Cm Fm Bbsus4 B
However distant, don't keep us apart.
Ab Fm7 Gm Bbsus4 B
After all, it is written in the stars_____.


(*Key change to E)

E F#m7 E/G# F#m7
Woman, please let me explain.
E C#m F#m Bsus4 B
I never meant to cause you sorrow and pain.
A F#m7 G#m Bsus4 B
So let me tell you again and again and again_____________.

(same as above but lyrics change)

Emaj9 C#m7 F#m7 B6
I love___________you, yeah,yeah, now and forever.

More Jingle Song Hits Favorites: Aubrey / Bread

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February 24, 2007

Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross
"When you get caught between the Moon and New York City."

1981 ang taon na nanalo itong kantang ito ng Academy Award, at ng Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for the movie Arthur, starring Dudley Moore. 1981 din ang malaking pagpanalo ni Cristopher Cross ng Grammy Awards: Record of the Year - "Sailing", Album of the Year- "Christopher Cross" (self titled debut), Best New Artist - "Christopher Cross", Song of the Year - "Sailing", at Best Arrangement - "Sailing". Si Cristopher Cross ay isa sa mga paburito nating artists na lagi namang pinapatugtog sa mga soft-listening radio stations, at siyempre sa WWL The Mellow Touch.

More Video Hit Parade Classics: Private Eyes - Hall And Oates

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Attempted Assassination of Imelda Marcos

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.

Here is one of the many film clips taken from the award winning documentary Imelda, by filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz. This film clip contains rare footage of Imelda being attacked by an assassin during her speech on December 7th, the 77th day after the proclamation of martial law. Also shows amazing film footage of Manila (late '60s to '70s) during martial law.

Also view: Pre-WWII Old Manila Film Footage. Ever wondered what Manila looked like before the war? These are stills which were taken from this beautiful black and white film footage of Pre-WW II Manila. This is a great video you must see! Let's see if you recognize the various places in the film.

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February 23, 2007

Remembering Marlo And The Magic Movie Machine

Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine is one of those long lost gems that we all loved watching back in the late '70s. After several years of not having seen this obscured show, we only begin to learn how special it was; not only for its educational value, but for the fact that it was one of those shows that worked on a shoestring budget, and still managed to attract a great audience. Executive producer Sanford Fischer had access to an enormous film archive, which contained what seemed endless feet of film, which hadn't been viewed in years, even decades. Fisher and his team laboriously edited the shorts into bite-sized clips which enabled Marlo to take the kids at home on many imaginative and historical trips during each episode.

Actor Laurie Faso played the mustachioed and frizzy-haired host Marlo Higgins. Marlo was an employee of the L. Dullo Company who would work very late hours for his boss Leo Dullo. At night, Marlo would head down to the basement, and would secretly slip into a secret room though a revolving bookshelf and interact with his friend: a talking computer which he often called "Machine" (short for Magic Movie Machine). Together, the two friends would watch various film clips and had exchanged fun filled dialogue. The Magic Movie Machine had a screen that had wavy graph signs whenever it talked, and displayed short clips whenever it would play a film clip. The Machine had a big keypad with round, yellow number buttons, which Marlo would use to punch in a specific code to play a specific film clip. To start the film, he would then press a large orange, rectangular Start button, and the magic would begin. There's also this large steel door (similar to heavy steel doors found in a bank vault) to the side of the Machine's screen. This door was used in rare episodes, where Marlo is magically transported into the film he's viewing. One of the two most memorable episodes is when Marlo visits Japan to eat Sushi, and the other was visiting the US Nautilus Submarine.

Laurie Faso's career continued even after starring in Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine. Not many people know that he did voice-over work for popular animated series titles like Transformers and Monchichis. Even so, we will always remember Faso as friendly Marlo, who with the lovable Machine, made learning so much more fun.

Regular segments featured during the show:

What do you see from A to Z - The code for this feature was '456.' A letter of the alphabet would be chosen, and film clips of things beginning with that letter would be shown. The clip would begin shown completely covered up, and gradually uncovered until it is compleely revealed after 10 seconds. Presumeably, the audience would try to identify what is being shown as quickly as possible.

Magic Year, Magic Month, and Magic Day - Using a chosen date or year as the code and utilizing a special keypad added in a later season to enter months, Marlo and the machine would feature events in history occurring on a particular day (the same day in different years) or in a particular month or year.

The Pre-fame Game - Marlo always used the code '5460' to call up this film. Baby pictures of famous people would be shown and you would be given a chance to guess who they are before a more current picture is revealed.

What do you see from A to Z Hidden Word Game - The code was '4560.' Similar to above, except that each word would begin with a different letter, and after the picture is uncovered, its initial letter would be placed in a blank in a final word. At the end of the segment, the final word would be completely filled in.

Knock-knock Jokes - Marlo would use the larger keypad to enter the code '0000' to call up this film. A character on-screen would begin by saying "knock-knock", Marlo would answer "Who's There", and a knock-knock joke would be told.

Riddles - In a later season, the Knock-knock jokes were replaced by riddles, which Marlo would call up, again using the bigger keypad, by pressing '2222.'

The Birthday Game - A date would be chosen, possibly from letters sent in by fans having that birthday. Marlo would enter this month and day on the keypad. A film featuring famous people who shared that birthday would be shown.

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Nostalgia Wheels: '80s Ford Club Wagon

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Take A Breath Song Sesame Street Video

Nostalgia Manila is proud to present: The Sesame Street Lunchbox! Featuring video clips of all your favorite scenes from the original Sesame Street series.

Sesame Street played a big role in educating the younger generation during the '70s. Many agree that the original series was far more imaginative and educational compared to the one you see today. This is for everyone who grew up with the original Sesame Street. Enjoy!

Take A Breath Song
"Take a bweath, take a bweath. Smell a smell, sniff a sniff, take a bweath."

Ang Take A Breath Song ay isa sa mga masasayang sing-along songs na paburito mo pag nanunuod ka ng Sesame Street. Cute ang mga film clips ng mga animals, at tuwangtuwa ka sa boses ng kumakanta. Natatawa ka at hindi mo makalimutan ang kanyang pag pronounce ng bweath (breath). Take a bweath!

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