February 24, 2007

Attempted Assassination of Imelda Marcos

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.

Here is one of the many film clips taken from the award winning documentary Imelda, by filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz. This film clip contains rare footage of Imelda being attacked by an assassin during her speech on December 7th, the 77th day after the proclamation of martial law. Also shows amazing film footage of Manila (late '60s to '70s) during martial law.

Also view: Pre-WWII Old Manila Film Footage. Ever wondered what Manila looked like before the war? These are stills which were taken from this beautiful black and white film footage of Pre-WW II Manila. This is a great video you must see! Let's see if you recognize the various places in the film.

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LLOYD said...

i believe it was the stigma of the spanish colonialism that made the filipinos detest plutocratic governance. For all the goodness martial law or the marcoses brought to the country filipinos will always abhor dictatorship.

Unknown said...

I remember watching this on TV when I was a very little boy and I remember I was pretty traumatized by it. I remember not being able to sleep, eat or study for perhaps several days afterwards. But eventually I got over it and I was fine, until my family and I went to the province and they told me about the tikbalangs and the chanaks and the white ladies and I got traumatized again!

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