February 11, 2007

Nostalgia Manila Inspires Mass Comm Students

It's always great news whenever we hear about people (especially the younger generation) take notice, and are inspired by this blog. It has always been Nostalgia Manila's vision to connect and bring together generations of Filipinos, though a fun and entertaining way; which in return teaches the younger generation to cherish, preserve, respect, and learn from a rich, colorful past. We hope that what started as an itching curiosity for them, turns into a lifetime obsession.

Anne is a 20 year old college student taking up AB Mass Communications. She recently posted a story on her blog about how Nostalgia Manila inspired her in coming up with a theme for her VJ Hunt 07 school presentation.

Here are a few things she said about it:

yesterday we made a new mark in the history of college of arts and sciences. we, the mascomIII hv produced "the best vj hunt EVER" - ma'am virgie bautista.

that msg made my day.made my every sweat,ideas,sleepless nights,tears worth. i dont even know what to say. am still overwhlmd and my emotion is still on its highest. if only i could let this blog hear my scream..

it all started with the theme... "that retro theme" i was so facinated with nostalgia manilas blog back then, all the memorabilias showed made me-nostalgic. then, i began creating 70's inspired images. they looked good so i kept on doin them. then gean will ask for help "anong ggawin sa vj hunt?" shempre.. whad i say? "lets go retro!"

Read the entire story at her blog: http://reformed-rebel.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

good work! i hope this blog inspires more of the younger generation to dig deep and attain more awareness about our past, so they discover that it was an amazing past and that there are many things back then that were much better when compared to things today. this blog is very inspiring indeed.

Anonymous said...

ayan! kita mo na?! talagang ayos itong nostalgia manila. pati sa mga kabataan ngayon ay hit rin sa kanila. it's about time talaga for a blog like this. this is hands down one of the best blogs in the pinoy blogosphere kasi educational, at maganda ang mission statement. hindi kagaya ng karamihan na walang katuturan blogging about nonesense!

Anonymous said...

mismo! nonesense talaga ang karamihan diyan. amen brader. mabuhay ang nostalgia manilaaaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

this blog will continue to inspire the younger people of today. thank you nostalgia manila for bridging the gap between generations.

you said...

thank you for the space.. =) sobrang overwhlmd ko.. salamat talaga.. may isang event pa kami.. our college night,i sugested that we go retro again!haha! cant get enough of it kasi..


Anonymous said...

i hope that more young kids today learn from this site. this story is an inspiring example.

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