February 19, 2007

Hot Vintage Fashion: 80's Swatch Watch

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"Wow ganda ng Swatch mo! Sa Gift Gate mo ba binili yan, o pasalubong sa iyo ng mama mo?" "Pare pa-try naman! Mas bagay ata sa akin yan."

It is an original Swatch watch from 1985. This was one of the first designs that was introduced by Swatch at the time. My mom bought it for me for my 17th birthday. Original retail price in 1985: $25. Today, Swatch watches cost between $55 and $100. The blue strap is actually a replacement strap. The original straps were red and green. I once also had on one of those swatch protectors that covered the face of the watch. The watch itself is in excellent condition and still works as well as it did when it was new!

Maraming salamat kay Vince for sending this photo of this cool '80s Swatch Watch.
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Unknown said...

Hey thanks for featuring my Swatch! I really like this watch and I'l probably never sell it, but I have to say I actually don't wear this watch any more. This is a very "youthful" looking watch and it was okay for me to wear it when I was a teenager in the 80s, but now as a 40 year old, I think it would just look weird on me :)

Nostalgia Manila said...


It's also good to not wear the watch to keep it from being worn out, and preserving it. You've got yourself a fine specimen of '80s history that will even be worth so much more in the many years to come. Thanks again for sharing your watch with all our readers.

cho zee said...

How 'bout that commercial with Alvin Patrimonio - "with a good sense of timing!" I'm loyal to Swatch esp. wen they came out with metal alloy watches. I had one single Swatch from 3rd year high school up to college graduation - it's that reliable. I read somewhere that Swatch and Rolex share the same factory in Switzerland.

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised, the Swiss is to watches what the Japanese is to cars, they really know how to make reliable timepieces :)

Arthur said...

I believe Swatch beacme the official watch of the breakdancing movement, right?

Anonymous said...

I have the same watch actually. And I want to know what is the reference. Is anybody able to help me?

Anonymous said...

I have an original SWATCH watch from 1980. I know it was 1980 because it was given to me from my parents for my 21st Birthday! It has sat in my jewelery box untouched for 32 years.... Navy blue color... Any idea what it's worth? Still works!

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