February 20, 2007

Nostalgia Bloggista: Linnor Rapes

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Name: Linnor Rapes
Blog: http://linnor.marikit.net

1. Where did you grow up, and what made that place special?
I spent my first 4 years in Manila until my family moved to a subdivision in Las Pinas in 1971. It was a small neighborhood of about 30 houses. Everybody knew everybody. Every Christmas and New Year's eve, all the residents would gather in the empty lot/basketball court to celebrate a special mass, hold games for the kids and adults alike, sing Christmas carols, share food pot-luck style and just spend time together while waiting for midnight. It's one childhood memory of Christmas which I hold very dear to my heart.

2. What was your favorite tv show, cartoon, or children's show growing up? What did you like about these shows that made them your favorite?
As a kid, I remember watching the Wacky Races, Gulliver, Flintstones, Sesame Street, and Electric Company. As I grew older, I still enjoyed watching the same shows plus Little House on the Prairie, Eight is Enough, Three's Company and the MTV. Back then, most tv shows were very wholesome. I wish I could say the same with what's on cable and on tv for my kids nowadays.

3. Favorite music group or artist? Most memorable song?
Up to this day, I still love listening to the 80's music - New Wave most especially. My most memorable songs (more for the melody than for the lyrics) are: Boy Who Cried Wolf (Style Council), Appetite (Prefab Sprout), Don't You (Simple Minds), More to Lose (Seona Dancing), Heaven (Bryan Adams).

4. Share with our readers one of your fondest memories of growing up.
Life was so simple back in those days. Playtime for me and my siblings usually meant running, biking, playing taguan, tumbang preso, patintero, piko, Chinese garter (for the girls), doctor quack-quack, Simon says, touch ball, etc. If the weather didn't permit, we stayed indoors to play tex, cards, jackstones, pick-up-sticks or board games.

5. What do you miss from back then that's not available today?
I miss the annual Christmas parties held on that empty lot/basketball court in our small subdivision. The parties are not going to happen anymore, the empty lot is now gone and in it's place is a big house. I also miss COD and Big Bang sa Alabang.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature ;)

Anonymous said...

I think we grew up in the same subdivision, Linnor. Was yours
called Philamlife Village (named after the American insurance
firm that sponsored its
development)? I remember knowing
every family within an eight-block radius. Our house on Galvez
Street, in fact, didn’t have a fourth wall in the back. Instead, we were conjoined with the Littauas’ residence, divided only by a half-wall from the ground up, and a series of wooden columns spread across the top-half. Needless to say, this allowed our families to get to know each other well over the years.
My parents moved into Philamlife in ’77, and our family grew into a three-child home by the time we left it for New York nine years later. I remember the central park across the street, and our parish right beside it. I remember playing all those games you mention with my cousins, who lived three blocks away, and their neighbors Mike Abiog, Mikko Aldeguer, and family friend Mark Fullerton. Mark was an American
kid who lived in phase 2 of the village, on the other side of the park, the wealthier side of the subdivision where the houses had at least two floors, were gated, had a front and back lawn, and security guards watching over it.
Like you, I still listen to new wave music, especially bands like Industry, Gazebo, and Vitamin Z. Their music always takes me back to the tail end of my years in Manila, and when I listen to an Industry song, I’m suddenly a fourth, fifth, and sixth grader again at Elizabeth Seton School. And that’s a good thing.

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