February 04, 2007

Take On Me - A-Ha 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Take On Me - A-Ha
"Shying away, I'll be coming for you love O.K."

Isa ito sa mga pinaka-successful hits noong 1985, at dahil sa debut ng video sa MTV ay talaga namang pumutok ang pagsikat ng grupo worldwide. Ito ay isa sa mga paburito mong videos dahil sa memorable rotoscope sketch-style animation, at kilig ang lahat ng mga kababaihan sa lead singer na si Morten Harket. Noong 1986, nanalo ang "Take On Me" sa MTV Video Music Awards in six categories, at nominated din for Best Video Of The Year sa 1986 American Music Awards. Ang video na ito ay isa sa mga most iconic videos ng '80s dahil sa kanyang unique style at concept, na talaga namang hindi natin malilimutan.

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Unknown said...

This is one of the most innovative and influential videos of all time and was a monster hit for A-ha!

Anonymous said...

on a personal note, what made the "take on me" video all the more memorable was that the girl there looked very much like the girl my close friend was seeing at the time hehehe! i must say, though, that the a-ha babe was really pretty.

yes, this video broke new ground with its seamless integration of live moving images and what appeared to be pencil sketches that later came to life. high-tech na high-tech na yung ganung special effects circa 1985.

Unknown said...

ah yes, the girl in the video was very pretty! VH1 actually did a "Whatever happened to...?" show about the video babes of the 80s, and they featured her. I forgot her name, but I believe they said she was our of the biz now and is simply a housewife and mother in England.

-= dave =- said...

this is my phone's ringtone :)

this song figured in the top 20 of MTV's all-time hits tallied at the turn of the third millennium.

a decade ago, a boy band (A1?) tried in vain to make a revival with their own matrix-inspired video, but obviously, a heavily marketed group can't beat the charm of the original.

Anonymous said...

i love A-HA! i still remembered ung bestfriend ko crush si morten harket tas ako naman ung nagke-keyboard(i forgot his name na!) tas na-nominate sila sa grammy awards for best new artist at may live performance pa sila! galing! kasi natalo sila ni Sade yata un...

Chappo said...

This was a really innovative video in it's day, and I think it still holds it's own today... if you exclude the fashion sense that is! :D

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