February 05, 2007

Lucky13 & Kulit Bulilit Photos 1978

Time is frozen in a single frame of film. Every bit of detail is perfectly captured by the camera lens. These photos take us back to those wonderful days when everything seemed so fresh and new, those days we wished would last forever. Relive those special moments in your life, and share your memories with Photo Nostalgia!

From the Sunday noontime show Lucky13 Show with Ronald Remy, Tess Limcaco, and Tommy Oppus. Here is co-host Tom Oppus with Sandy Andolong.

The cooking portion with guest Gloria Sevilla.

Kulit Bulilit cast and crew.

Imee Marcos and co-host Martin Oppus.

Many thanks to our friend Kuya Geezer of www.skyscrapercity.com who shared these amazing photos with us.

Send your old photos and memories to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, write "Photo Nostalgia" on the subject line, and we'll feature it here on Photo Nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

does anyone have any video of Kulit Bulilit ?

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any video of Kulit Bulilit ? i looked on youtube and there is none to be found. i would love to see the show again !

Unknown said...

I wish I can watch the Kulit Bulilit Quiz Bee Portion, I was one of the contestants from Cecilio Apostol Elementary School - Caloocan, and poverty did not allow me to see it as we did not have our own TV during those times, I was in 4th, 5th & 6th grades when I was picked..that was in 1978, 1979, 1980....please post any videos if anyone has it...I would forever be grateful..Thanks! - Lolina Moran-Porter

jay walangpugad said...

Can anybody remember the lyrics of kulit bulilit, I do most of it and even can write the notes/play the notes. Just needed the whole song. Tnx.

Anonymous said...

forgot a few portions of the lyrics. but here some (forgotten parts replaced by lalala). please correct me if i'm wong.

heto na kami at handa ng mag-schooling
mga bulingit nga pero nakapupuwing
kayo'y naging kami nung kayo ay maliit
kaya 'wag magalit kung makulit

heto na kami at handa ng mag-aral

grade 1, bigyan ng daan
grade 2, mga little ones
grade 3, lalalala
ang school bag puro baon ang laman

grade 4, meron pa'ng iyakan
grade 5, ayaw magpa-iwan
grade 6, lalalala
pero sila ay cute na cute naman

they are watching makulit, kulit bulilit
they are watching makulit, kulit bulilit

Anonymous said...

hello everyone! :-) my name is EaroL and i was a cast member of "Kulit Bulilit" Gald to see this page :-) It brings back good memories. Thanks for the lyrics. It puts a smile in my heart.

Jentleheart said...

I was part of the show for some time but felt that showbiz wasn't for me. I'd love to see any video of that show. My and my brother can be seen at the start of every show.

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