October 18, 2010

The Dawn Performs "I Stand With You" at Concert At The Park Luneta

A magical performance by the pioneers of 80's Pinoy rock - The Dawn is: Jett Pangan, Caloy Balcells, JB Leonor, and the enigmatic Teddy Diaz.

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October 07, 2010

Maricel Soriano and Gary Valenciano dance The Rico Mambo

Taray queen Maricel Soriano and Gary Valenciano do a special dance number together: dancing The Rico Mambo, during a special live show.

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October 06, 2010

Gary Valenciano sings Bagets Theme "I'm Growing Up" on Penthouse Live

Gary Valenciano sings the Bagets theme on Penthouse Live, hosted by Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez.

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Music And Magic with Kuh Ledesma on Student Canteen

Kuh Ledesma guests with the Music And Magic on Student Canteen, hosted by Eddie Elarde, Bobby Ledesma, and Cony Reyes.

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October 04, 2010

Subterranean Romance - Rise Of The Martial Law Babies

"Back in the early-to-mid 1980's, the Philippines had a thriving underground music scene centralized in its capital city of Manila. Bands like Betrayed, Urban Bandits, Ethnic Faces, Dean's December, Violent Playground, Under Blue Skies, Strange Days, Charlotte Russe, Silos and a lot more were directly/ indirectly influenced by punk and new wave, still gigs were few and far between. Recordings have been real scarce, as well.

Apart from the not-too-many and sporadic 7" singles and cassette releases, a compilation tape entitled Subterranean Romance went on a limited circulation and it pretty much summarized the whole scene: lo-fi and very DIY. Moreover and most importantly, it was inspired and awfully promising, with an intense fan-following. It's interesting to mention that a small number of the bands, like Charlotte Russe and the Silos had a penchant for pop. Sadly, only the Silos were able to release at least one song, which appeared on the above-mentioned Subterranean Romance compilation. One of Charlotte Russe’s live gigs meanwhile, was heard over the radio courtesy of the short-lived station, DWXB 102.7 FM. Known for its "dare to be different" tagline, XB 102 catered to non-mainstream listeners and integrated these bands onto their playlists along with the likes of The Pale Fountains, Aztec Camera, The Lotus Eaters, Care and Orange Juice. Even so, the radio station was shut down in 1987 and majority of the local groups faded into obscurity, while some have continued making music, although taking a different musical path." (via ssubzzero)

Listen to the entire Subterranean Romance compilation.

Many, many thanks to Dr. Rhod. Check out his amazing music blog at docmuzic.blogspot.com

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October 03, 2010

Ninja Kids (1986) Starring JC Bonin, Francis Magalona, Ramon Christopher, Keno, Ricky Rivero, Dennis Da Silva and Herbert Bautista

Easily one of the most fun Pinoy 80's teen movies - starring some of the original Bagets cast.

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Sharon Cuneta Movies: Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala, Bituwing Walang Ningning, Sa Hirap At Ginhawa, Captain Barbell, Jack & Jill, Maging Sino Ka Man

To all you Sharon Cuneta fans, here are direct video links to full movie chapters of some of Sharon's most memorable Viva Films blockbusters. Just follow the links and you'll be able to see the rest of the film chapters and watch the full length movies.

PS I Love You (1981) - Part 1

Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala (1984) - Part 1

Bituwing Walang Ningning (1985) - Part 1

Sa Hirap At Ginhawa (1985) - Part 1

Captain Barbell (1986) - Part 1

Jack And Jill (1987) - Part 1

Maging Sino Ka Man (1991) - Part 1

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