August 27, 2008

Bawal Na Gamot Lyrics & Song By: Willy Garte

How could we ever forget this famous song about the negative effects of drug abuse? How ironic is it that this anthem of many drug rehab programs has an infectious melody hook ingredient, with lines in the chorus that are just as addicting as drugs.

Bawa't yugto ng sandaling halos 'di ko alam
Naglalakbay ang diwa sa ligayang nakamtan
Gamot na bawal ay ayaw ko nang tigilan
Hinahanap-hanap ko at inaasam

O, kay sarap ng buhay
Kung siya'y aking nalalanghap
akala ko ang mundo ay wala nang katapusan
At nang ako ay magising sa kasalanang nagawa
Kinabukasan ko ay nawala


Pangarap ko'y 'di maabot
Dahil sa bawal na gamot
Labis ko nang pinagsisihan
Ang aking kamalian


O, kay sarap ng buhay
Kung siya'y aking nalalanghap
akala ko ang mundo ay wala nang katapusan
At nang ako ay magising sa kasalanang nagawa
Kinabukasan ko ay nawala

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August 26, 2008

Commercial Break: Royal Chocolate Margarine Rod Navarro 1977

"May sarap ng margarina, at sarap ng tsokolate!" Here's Rod Navarro in the classic Royal Chocolate Margarine tv advert.

Many thanks to FiscaPlyder.

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August 20, 2008

Carla Di Santos: Pre-LRT Avenida, Philcite Robot, Ignacio Santos, Melecia Santos Photos '40s-'80s Photos

Time is frozen in a single frame of film. Every bit of detail is perfectly captured by the camera lens. These photos take us back to those wonderful days when everything seemed so fresh and new, those days we wished would last forever. Relive those special moments in your life, and share your memories with Photo Nostalgia!

Good day! My family has been an avid follower of your great website for years and my dad finally decided to share some of his old photos for everyone to see. We sincerely hope you can find the time to post these. Nostalgia Manila has made a huge impact on me ever since I stumbled upon it. I can't seem to get enough of old Manila photos. I'm now a certified Nostalgia Manila addict!

My family has been into the arts & photography business, starting from my grandpa Ignacio Santos who once worked as a society photographer for the Philippine's Herald newspaper back in the 50s-60s, and one of his in-laws Pete Coniconde who was the art director of the Philippine's Herald also. Since then the Santos clan has branched out and produced generations of photo-journalists and artists. I'm currently trying to live up to the family's name by joining our family business, shooting weddings & stuff.

I've attached here some photos that my dad took during the 70's-80's, when he was still starting with photography.

Avenida before LRT Construction (CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW)

My dad thinks this was taken around late 70's or early 80's, when LRT was still to be constructed. Note structures eg Good Earth emporium, State Cinema, Shoe World, Madison Shoe Store, Fairmart, Weston, Joy Mart Budget Store, Avenue, et al. Sign says "Rizal Ave-Carriedo St. to J. Abad Santos closed closed to traffic due to LRT construction."

Me & my family in front of a giant robot at Philcite back in the mid-80s. (Why don't they have build stuff like this anymore?) My bro & I were originally so thrilled to see it but the summer heat was so frustrating we couldn't even bear to pose in front of it for too long. I was 5 or 6 i think.

My grandmother Melecia Santos, taken on top of Philippine's Herald building, overlooking the main Post Office, circa 1948-49.

My grandfather Ignacio Santos, with his view camera, 1940's.

Many thanks to our good friend Carla Di Santos, who was kind enough to share with us these wonderful photos.

Send your old photos and memories to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, write "Photo Nostalgia" on the subject line, and we'll feature it here on Photo Nostalgia.

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August 19, 2008

Nostalgia Wheels: '72 Toyota Corona

"Let's drive back in time!" Check out really cool photos of really cool rides with Nostalgia Wheels!

Send photos of your very own Nostalgia Wheels and we'll feature it right here. Start your engines!

Many thanks to our friend DJ Buendia who sent us these cool photos of his '72 Toyota Corona.

For more Nostalgia Wheels: '60s Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Camaro, and Ford Mustang Fastback

Share photos of your Nostalgia Wheels for everyone to see! Send your photos to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com and write "Nostalgia Wheels" on the subject line, and we'll feature it here. Vrooooom!

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