February 12, 2007

Manila Main Post Office Photo '70s

Sift through this magic chest of amazing vintage photographs! Take a peek and let them transport you back to a time almost lost forever. Discover places you've never been, or revisit the places you always thought you knew; that is until you see what these places used to look like! Travel back in time and rediscover the Philippines.

More Mahiwagang Baul photos: Roxas Boulevard Photo '60s

Many thanks to everyone at www.skyscrapercity.com, and the www.pinoyexchange.com forums.

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Anonymous said...

wow, manila looked so clean. walang evidence of pollution. this is a great photo. thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

is it my imagination or is that a jd bus on the lower left corner? mukhang nasiraan yung bus.

mschumey07 said...

Wow, walang traffic. Too bad Atienza fails to see the beauty of Manila. He would rather tear down buildings and build new malls and parking lots.

I had a chance to work with some people in the Intramuros Administration. Sadly, the rehabilitation of Intramuros has remained incomplete.

One of the grandest structures back then was the Jai Alai. Too bad, Atienza has no appreciation for Art Deco and architectural masterpieces .

Anonymous said...


that's the price we pay for such ignorance. many people don't realize the importance of saving and preserving little of what's left of the past. building more shopping malls is not modernization at all, and expansion to untouched parts of the provinces is worse. this is what happens when you have idiots running a beautiful country. it's a good thing we have nostalgia manila to teach us all the importance of awareness. it's up to the younger generation to continue the struggle, to regain the beauty of the manila we all knew.

Anton said...

Mali ata na 70s ito...if you look carefully, there seems to be the bridge that runs across this photo....malamang 80s ito

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