February 13, 2007

Nostalgia Bloggista: Candice Tiu

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Name: Candice Tiu
Blog: http://candishhh.blogspot.com

1. Where did you grow up, and what made that place special?
I grew up in Sampaloc and Quezon City. What made the Sampaloc area special was because we lived right next to a bakaery, so every morning - we awoke to the aroma of freshly baked bread. The downside was that we had regular visits from rats! Huge rats actually. And as for Quezon City, it was special because when we moved there it was the high time when MTV was being shown on TV and there was the FEN-P channel that showed numerous cartoons on a Saturday Morning.

2. What was your favorite tv show, cartoon, or children's show growing up? What did you like about these shows that made them your favorite?

Favorite TV Shows:
1) Beverly Hills 90210 - I remember it being shown every Friday nights the reason why I liked the show? Dylan McKay, period.
2) Palibhasa Lalaki - what a riot cast! Tita Minerva! and Cynthia Patag was hilarious!!

Favorite Cartoon Shows:
1) New Kids on The Block - It was being shown on FEN-P! Feeling sikat because supposedly this channel was hooked from the US cable in Subic/Clark. Is there any truth to that?
2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Pizza!
3) Ghostbusters - They were in cartoons! The ghosts looked cute!!
4) Skycommanders - I loved this show because they were moving via wires! It was really
5) Flying House - Honestly, because it somehow humanized biblical stories.
6) Diamos - Richard's so gwapo!!
7) Bioman - Pink 5!!
8) Voltron - with the 5 lions not the 14 in one ah!
*Listing this down made me realize how boyish I was! Part of the reason maybe is because I have a twin brother.

Favorite Children's Shows:
1) Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club: I don't even remember why I like this show!! Hahahaha...
2) Batibot - I loved this local version of The Sesame Street
3) Sesame Street - Letter B, letter B, letter B oh letter B! Every single time I hear the Beatles song - Let it be, I always have the image of puppets singing this. Makes me smile every single time!:)

3. Favorite music group or artist? Most memorable song?
New Kids on the Block - 'Please don't go girl'

4. Share with our readers one of your fondest memories of growing up.
I was a die-hard New Kids on The Block fan, I had most of their memorabilias. I bought them while vacationing in the US. I used to look at their book 'Our Story' every single day. I loved the group so much, I bought the glossies like Bop, Teen Bop and more!! Remember the magazine store in Shoppesville called CV Magazine. I was heartbroken when I hear NKOTB was disbanding - well, they were getting old after all.

5. What do you miss from back then that's not available today?
Being able to watch quality cartoons like Flying House. Listening to original pilipino music kasi most are being revived nalang now. Eating fishball and dirty ice cream that was really cheap. Going shopping in the old Quad and Greenhills shopping center. I miss watching the Saturday morning cartoons.

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Anonymous said...

ang cute ng litrato. uy transformers ! optimus prime yung tshirt ng kapatid mo! nice one.

Anonymous said...

si optimus nga! tanan tanan, more than meets the eye! i love transformers talaga. sana maganda yung bagong movie, pero from the looks of the character specs, hindi ata maganda.

Didi said...

I love this picture because of my brother's shirt!!

donji - I'm super excited with the movie this July! I can't wait!!

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