November 02, 2006

Blackstar Cartoon Opening Video

There was nothing like watching your favorite cartoons on a rainy afternoon after school, or waking up early to catch Saturday morning cartoons. Relive the best of '60s, '70s, and '80s cartoons with Cartoon TV Rama!

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Blackstar (Filmation 1981)

Astronaut John Blackstar's shuttle passes through a black hole and crashes on the planet Sagar. He is rescued by the gentle Trobbits, who live under the tyranny of the Overlord, possessor of one half of an all-powerful sword. Armed with the other half, Blackstar aids the resistance with his dragon, Warlock; the shape-shifter Klone; and the sorceress, Mara.

Get Blackstar - The Complete Season on DVD at Nostalgia Manila's Retro Mart! This DVD collection of Blackstar - The Complete Series is a must for any collector of early '80s TV scifi. A precursor to He-Man, ThunderCats, and the rest, Blackstar sets the archetype in place. The collection is thorough and clear, a must-own!

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P!T!K - BLAG said...

WOW, ever remember Saturday Fun Machine?

Nostalgia Manila said...

How can anyone forget Saturday Fun Machine? It was the only reason for getting up so early on Saturday morning. Check out Nostalgia List #04.

Saturday Fun Machine is listed on there, and there's a link that directs you to the top list of a few cartoons that were shown on Saturday Fun Machine.

Anonymous said...

hey were's he-man and the go-bots

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