November 29, 2006

Battle Of The Stars! "Sino ang mananalo?"

Who's cooler? Who's hotter? Who's the best of the best? It's Battle Of The Stars!

Time to choose a side, turn in your vote, and leave comments praising your favorite star. Interact with other readers and tell them why your star will come out victorious!

Keep track of the votes and see who gets voted the most. The more votes your star gets, the closer you are to victory! There can only be one! Let the battle begin!

Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. vs. Airworlf
"Sino ang mananalo sa labanang ito? Ang kotseng nagiisip na maraming weapons at sobrang bilis? O ang super helicopter na tatlo ang pilot?"
Kayo? Sino sa tingin nyo ang mananalo pag pinaglaban ang dalawang super vehicles? Malalaman natin! Sige, comments na!

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Reno said...

Knight Industries Two Thousand!!!!!

Nobody can resist Hasselhoff's hair (chest hair, that is).

Plus, Jan Michael Vincent looks like a wuss next to the 'Hoff. That's why he has to have badass Ernest Borgnine with him.

Unknown said...

Airwolf ako shempre!

Anonymous said...


Kay Macgyver ako...talo si Michael Knight at si Stringfellow Hawke sa kanya kasi puede siyang gumawa ng vehicle just using his Swiss Army Knife!

Charlie said...

Knight rider ako! of course mas peborit ko si McGyver. Ano nga ba first name ni McGyver?

Anonymous said...

Sa kanilang dalawa? Syempre si K.I.T.T.; mas nakaaliw yata ang isang kotseng nag-iisip at nagsasalita kaysa sa isang helicopter na hindi.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sige na nga sa BLUE THUNDER na lang ako... Palagay ko, kung Pontiac Firebird lang eh, doon na lang ako ko sa FERRARI ni Magnum! Teka, yun GMC van pala ni B.A., pwedeng pang-barkada yun ah.


Anonymous said...

FYI of everyone, there is a fan vid at youtube about this, KITT vs Airwolf. Kung ako lang ang tatanungin these are the BEST SHOWS ON TV BEFORE AND NOTHING CAN OUTSMART THESE. FYI, Airwolf, started airing from 1984-1986, lasted only for three (3) seasons. Knight Rider aired (in the US) 1982-1986. Amongst the two, Airwolf, had its debut as a movie (called the Pilot/Airwolf the movie). Knight Rider started as only a TV series, never a movie.

Airwolf was suppose to be having a season 4 but several issues arise like budgetary constrains, JMV's addiction to alcohol etc.. There was season 4 with new casts and location (i duno if it was aired here in RP) but this season received wooos from fans all over the world. Also this episodes used stock footages of the previous Airwolf seasons. Knight Rider on the other hand made good episode and budget handling. What made this show cease is due to David's offer to another project (Baywatch i pressume).

Technology wise...Ok, lets go to the tail of the tape (parang boxing) KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is a modified Pontiac Trans Am. According to the KITT manual (luckyly I have this fresh from NBC :-) one of the few!) KITT's top speed was 300 mph, when KITT was modified and uses Super Pursuit Mode, he can go as much as 400-500mph (not bad uh!) yap 400 mph! but KITT can't sustain that long and the Turbo Boost (what I like this is this is the only car can jump as far as 3-5 cars or 2 long trailers in one jump via this feature) should not engaged, it will cause system error to KITT or the worse, mild crash, since KITT's body is made of high-resolute armor, category 5 shelling, can resist from small bullets to RPG's (take not only RPG's) and low-resonance LASER. KITT has its evil twin KARR also made by KITT's manufacturer's though during their one-one match, KARR lost to KITT during an head on collision. Why? if you will going to see the episode, KARR was struck by its own LASER when he unleash his LASER to KITT and bounce back. Also, KITT has this feature of auto-drive (well all of us were amazed by this aminin!! :-), on-board computer with 512 MB of memory (damn 512?! hehehe ang baba!) 5 defense weapons, passive laser restraint system and much more.

Airwolf, is a modified Bell 222. Top speed of 350-400 knots, that is during ordinary flight, and unpressurized. Maximum take off flight, without engaging its "tech" capabilities, 30,000ft pressurized, 15,000 unpressurized. Now, its real air-speed, with turbos engaged, 800 knots to Mach One (1) plus! (Mach- is the speed of sound) and when full turbos are engaged, it can go as high as Mach 2 plus! (twice the speed of sound) Maximum take off flight, pressurized only, up to 89,000 ft. above sea level (tropospheric height), it has 14 weapons, from 2 .30 cal chain guns with 2 .50mm canon on the sides, ADF pod, sunburst anti-missile flares, missiles from Bull-pup to HellFire, high-ridged, high plated armor, and an EDCC or the main control panel of "the lady".

Technical Airwolf is a supersonic tactical weapon. KITT is a civilian, modifed car. If you'll gonna ask me, where am I? I'll go for Airwolf, why? technicaly and for obvuious reasons, KITT has 50% limited functions whilst Airwolf has only 20% limited functions. Or if you want to know whom really won, go to type in the search field, Airwolf vs KITT.
and you see ;-)

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