November 20, 2006

State Of The Nation - Industry 80's Music Video

Tuwing hapon nanunuod ka noon ng Video Hit Parade. Ang dami mong mga music videos na napanuod, at ito ang una mong introduction sa mundo ng MTV. Marami kang nadiskubreng mga banda at music artists na may kanyakanyang mga hits, porma, at siyempre, music videos! Video Hit Parade Classics brings you classic music videos na hindi natin malilimutan!

Music Video Version 1 - Original
Music Video Version 2 - Aircraft Carrier

State Of The Nation - Industry
"Don't you worry about the situation, a message from the telephone."

Ilang beses ka napasayaw sa kantang ito? Sa sobrang dami hindi mo na matandaan. Ito ang isa sa pinaka-sikat na kanta noong 1983. Bagets-na-Bagets ang dating ng kanta, at pinatutugtog ito sa radio, sinasayaw sa mga tv show, at siyempre sa mga nightclub. Ang kantang ito ay isa sa mga memorable one hit wonders ng dekadang '80s. Panuurin natin!

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Anonymous said...

Grabe! I'm in a timewarp looking at those pages. Inaabangan ko nga yang VHP nung bata pa ako. Dyan ata ako natuto manoof ng Music Videos before MTV came along

Anonymous said...

i saw a place in sikatuna village: STEAK OF THE NATION!

thank you thank you nostalgia manila. haylavet! haylav the video!

Miss Diss said...

VHP is the shiznit! mabuhay, nostalgia manila!

maiylah said...

hahaha... wonderful trip!
kagaya ni ferdz, inaabangan ko rin dati yung VHP! :)
my faves then were tears for fears and depeche

Anonymous said...

ano ba yan naiiyak ako,naalala ko ang kapanahunan ko.I LOVE THE 80'S SUPER TALAGA ANG DATING.

Anonymous said...

I love love love LOOOOVE this song talaga! Nakakaiyak nga, it really brings back good memories. Saan napunta ang panahon?

Anonymous said...

kakamiss bumalik nung mga panahon na yan...hayyyy..naalala ko tuloy crush ko nung high school dahil sa kanta na yan, hehehe..Iba talaga ang 80's songs...Sana may mag post din ng "Street Beat".

DIEHARD said...

my cousin from NY told me about nostalgia manila just this morning and boy am i glad i was able to access this site which brings me to a nostalgic trip down memory lane. "state the nation" was one of the 3 most popular songs that were being played one after the other on the radio and this was in march 1984. I was in college in DLSU and my classmates and i were finishing our reports. the other two songs were "ghost in you" by psychedelic furs and "wishful thinking" by china crisis. such great songs i must say which bring me back to the fabulous 80s when life was more simple and less stressful. thanks to this site and the people who included this wonderful video. i last saw the "state of the nation" video in december 1984 and that was 23 years ago. time flies! sigh!:-)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello Diehard,

You can watch the music videos of both "Wishful Thinking" by China Crisis, and "The Ghost In You" by The Psychedelic Furs here as well! Just follow the links. ;)

Please thank your cousin for me. I'm glad that your cousin directed you to Nostalgia Manila. I hope you find the time to explore. There's so much to see!

Maraming salamat!

Anonymous said...

Love the song and the other videos you've included in this blog. 80's music brings back so many fond memories...Buti na lang nakita ko ang site na ito. Please pakipost naman si Rick Springfield. I used to have a big crush on him, in fact, I'm still fond of him nowadays. Nostalgia Manila rules!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello Risa,

I'm glad you love all the 80's videos I've been posting. Big Rick Springfield fan ka pala. No worries! Will be posting some good Rick Springfield videos very soon so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

this is one of my fav songs of the 80's, naiiyak ako...bringing back the good memories of yesteryears...tandang-tanda ko pa ang dance steps nito, remember ko din everytime pina pa spike ko ang hair ko nagagalit ang nanay ko, the colorful outfit..the dangling earrings...hay....buti na lang may Nostalgia Manila

just got lucky said...

grabe sarap bumalik sa "80s...sino gusto sumama mag iimbento ko time machine babalik tayo sa good old days lalo na sa panahon ng bagets at menudo!!!impati

Boyet said...

WoW! Sinasayaw ko ito sa mga party at happenings nuong 83 sa Makati. Little did I realize then na I would join the US Navy in 85 and continue until 2009. Itong kantang ito together with its backdrop of a Navy ship really makes me so nostalgic! Ibalik natin ang 80'sss!

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