March 12, 2007

Nostalgia Manila Nominated In 3 Main Categories In The Philippine Blog Awards 2007

There are 12 Main Category Awards in the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, and Nostalgia Manila has been officially nominated in three categories: Best Socio-Political Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, and Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.

Nostalgia Manila was conceived on September 10th 2006. A cathartic result of a person who refuses to be desensitized by today's hyper media culture, often projected and filtered throughout the rest of the world. Most do not realize that there are many people out there who share a common yearning for the past. The world has changed a lot in the last few decades, and there are those who feel somewhat alienated by the changes they've witnessed and experienced.

Nostalgia Manila's creator simply wanted to connect with these people who had similar feelings; and so Nostalgia Manila came to be. Since then, Nostalgia Manila has brought together Filipinos from all over the world. It is now possible for people to revisit those special moments in their lives. It is now possible for the older generation to share, and relive all the excitement of their youth. It is now possible for the present generation to step into a colorful world almost forgotten; and in the process, learn to respect and preserve a rich cultural history filled with wonder.

Nostalgia Manila's sole creator and publisher has been interviewed many times by magazines and newspapers (via telephone or email), but has always chosen to keep his anonymity (not even the writers who contribute to the blog know who this person is). A lot of theories have been drawn, and rumors have flown, about the true identity of who most of us in the Pinoy Blogosphere fondly refer to as NM (short for Nostalgia Manila). But there is a simple reson for all this, and it is that: Nostalgia Manila is for the people. It's a collective. The readers and fans of Nostalgia Manila are an integral part of this blog. Nostalgia Manila is a treasure chest that keeps all your fondest memories alive, and brings you closer to home.

So if Nostalgia Manila wins in any of these three main categories (or better yet ALL OF THEM), it is only fitting for EVERYONE (all the fans, all the readers) to go on stage and accept the award(s). I am Nostalgia Manila, and so are you. So is everyone! Thank you for this great honor, it is good to be recognized.

Continue to spread Nostalgia Fever!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, NM! Nandito lang kami sa likod mo para sumoporta.Mabuhay ang Nostalgia Manila!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Sa atin lahat itong Nostalgia Manila! Kaya sana nga manalo tayo, at sana umakyat ang maraming tao na Nostalgia Manila Fans sa stage para kunin ang award(s), tapos ma-video at mailagay sa YouTube! HA! Wouldn't that be something? Sugod mga kapatid! ;)

admindude said...

Hi Nostalgia,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congratulations to you too and good luck sa awards night :-)

Anonymous said...


zerovoltage said...

Mabuhay! At sweep sana yang 3 categories he he :D

Nostalgia Manila said...

Maraming salamat sa pag bati Bill Bilig, Arbet, and Zero Voltage. Sana nga sweep ano?

Anonymous said...

wow nm! para kang si 'v' sa 'v for vendetta'! you're the mysterious mastermind, nostalgia manila is like your mask, and you're giving back to the people while inspiring them, and in the end, everyone is nostalgia manila! hanep ang lalim nito. kaya pala nanominate ka sa socio-political category. hindi lang puro saya dito pero merong malalim na kahulugan ang blog mo. sana nga sweep at sa pangatlong award magkagulo ang mga tao sa tuwa at magsiakyatan sa stage! first time in the blog awards na may faceless blogger diba? history in the making man ayos ako diyan. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Maraming salamat sa iyong pagsuporta Dee. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sa iyo and Good luck.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was bloghopping from the Philippines Blog Awards site...

Congratulations on your 3 nominations. :D I too got nominated in 2 categories (Personal and Bloggers' Choice Award). I don't think I have a chance AT ALL (hehe), but I'm just flattered that 1 or 2 people thought well enough of my rambling crap to nominate it, LOL.

Good luck! I can't go to the awards night as I'm currently in Canada.

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