March 20, 2007

Kapamilya TV

It was getting obvious that watching alot of variety shows on TV with the yayas was seeping into our play routine. Our pretend "program-programan" has now graduated into the live TV format. For starters, we have claimed one floor area of the master bedroom as our stage, designated the tall, stand-up fan as the TV camera, and gathered all the hairbrushes we could find to use as our microphones. The bed was perfect as risers and so I directed my two younger siblings to sit back and act as members of the audience.

In Nora Aunor's "Superstar", she always opened the show with a song or two. If I remember right, the songs were mostly standards very popular with the lolos and lolas; as in "Send In The Clowns" and "Those Were The Days" (You know this one, it goes like this, "Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day...lalalalala...lalalala...) The audience would be seen clapping along. We agreed that Jepoy and Mabel would do the same. But first, of course, it was time to start the show.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the first part of our program is a song number from..." I gave the microphone/hairbrush to our "guest" (another sibling) and she proceeded to sing...what? "You Light Up My Life". I had to run fast and disappear behind the camera. I have to man the camera and shoot her every move. I had a hard time doing that because peeking from behind a "camera" with spinning blades and an oscillating head gave me a choppy view of the performer. I also had to be careful not to get my fingers actually get caught up in the mechanism for fear of a much bloody situation. How hard it is to be the Director and stand-in Cameraman; plus be the Emcee. This really proves that producing a TV show is really complicated. Everything was impromptu. You get to learn the title of your guest's song at the last minute. Worst, the talent can not even complete her performance. Midway through her act, she decided she did not know all the lyrics and dared walk out with out even a curtsy. "Bow!" I had to remind her; and to my audience, "Applause! Palakpak kayo d'yan!". I should have known that time that placards were used for prompters. But anyway, this audience won't be able to read them so that's a useless idea.

We needed another guest so one of the "audience" was yanked away from his comfy seat so he could pretend to be the next guest. "The second part of our program is a dance number from..." Jepoy didn't move an inch. He just gave a cute grin but never budged. (Quality talents are so hard to find!) He was pushed back to the bedside, er, risers as I wrapped my head with one of the flat sheets. "Just pretend I'm a woman with long hair." I got hold of one of the mics and gave my best version of "Mc Arthur Park".

"Mac Arthur Park was melting in the dark... I don't think that I can make it coz it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again. Oh nooooo...!"

"Kakain na!" Someone hollered from downstairs and we scrambled to get ready for dinner. The TV studio turned back into a bedroom, a very messy bedroom of pillows, blankets, and hairbrushes scattered on the floor. We did not even pause to pick up the items because Lola told us never ever keep food waiting on the table or God will take away His blessings and we will end up hungry forever.

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