March 20, 2007

BMX Flatland Freestyle By Ranmamaru

BMX was huge in the '80s, and almost everyone had a BMX bike. You'd either be hanging out with your friends at the local bike shop, jumping ramps, the quarter pipe, or busy practicing freestyle flatland tricks. Well here's a treat for all your BMXers from back in the day! If you were into BMX in the '80s, you'd be able to name a few of the tricks our friend does here. Let's see if you can name them! Comments na! Many thanks to ranmamaru for uploading this video!

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Nostalgia Manila said...

Come on BMXers! Name these tricks! Alam ninyo to! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bunny hop!

Ranma said...

Hmm.. I might know some of them ^_~

Nostalgia Manila said...

Some of the names of the tricks I know (in order of how they were done in the video):

1)In and over
2)Biscuit (rolling version of a Boomerang)
3)Hops to Rack Walk
4)Seat switch
6)Incomplete Flail Return
7)Reverse rear hops
8)Front wheel hops
9)Cherry Picker
10)Spastic Spinner?

Do you know the names of the others?

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