March 09, 2007

Automan TV Show Opening Video

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Automan (1982)

Automan (the "Automatic Man") followed the adventures of a police officer and computer programmer named Walter Nebicher (Desi Arnaz, Jr.), who had created an artificially intelligent crime fighting program that generated a hologram (Chuck Wagner) able to leave the computer world and enter reality to help solve crimes. Automan had a sidekick named Cursor, a free-floating, glowing, shifting polyhedron-shaped, mote of energy which could three-dimensionally "draw" and generate physical objects as they are needed, generaly becoming the object in the process.

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Unknown said...

Many of the groundbreaking computer generated special effects employed in the movie "Tron" were later used in this TV show. Compared to today's technology of course, it all looks very primitive, but back in 1982, this was state of the art!

Anonymous said...

yeah automan! i forgot about this till now. man i remember watching this a lot. yeah this is very much like tron. tron was really cool though. thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I used to be well into the A Team... I remember that era well, the Dynasty/Dallas Aaron Spelling era..!!

Come to my blog!!

It's at: gledwood2.blogspot it's v different from yours. A secret diary blog but ... well you have to see it ... I look forward to seeing you there. All the best now from


Jon said...

I also watched this show at Channel 4.

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