March 04, 2007

Sunday Comics: Little Jungle - Lucio Mercedes Atelier!

Our friend (Komikero) Gerry Alanguilan reports: "It is unfortunate, but the collapse of the old komiks industry is all but complete. All the old komiks you used to know like Funny Komiks, Pilipino Komiks, Tagalog Klasiks, Hiwaga, Espesyal, etc... are now all gone. The companies that published them are either closed, or have closed their comics departments." Nostalgia Manila supports our dear comic artists and friends who are fighting hard to revive the Filipino Komiks Industry.

So in this time of great loss and extinction of a favorite Pinoy past-time, Nostalgia Manila treats you to something truly special. In the tradition of Funny Komiks and hilarious Sunday comics serials, Nostalgia Manila brings you an original called Little Jungle! Have fun peering into the wacky San Juan neighborhood we once knew as Little Jungle. It's Pinoy Komiks with a dash of classic sitcom humor we've always loved! Stay tuned for new Little Jungle pages! Pinoy Komiks is alive here at Nostalgia Manila!

Full Size: Read Page 1

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Gerry Alanguilan said...

Did you write and draw this? Terrific! It does have that nostalgic feel of the old komiks strips! Great work!!

Nostalgia Manila said...


Maraming salamat. Wow, that's a big compliment coming from a living legend such as yourself. Yes this is original work, which I write and draw myself. I just love old style komiks, fused with '70s-'80s sitcom humor.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! ang galing nito! i miss reading comics like this. natatandaan ko noong nakatira kami sa pandakan noon, lagi kaming bumibili ng comics para sa aming tindahan at ako ang namimili kung ano ang bibilhin ni tatay. memories. sino ang gumawa nito? ikaw ba nm? ang galing-galing mo! parang lumang sitcom nga! more please!!!!!!!!!!!

Gio Paredes said...

This site is very nice. Reminds me of the old days. I will add it to my links.

Gio Paredes said...

Which comedy show would you vote for, to be released on DVD?

Iskul Bukul
John & Marsha
Chicks To Chicks

Wala bang option for all? He he :-)

Jon said...

Uy! Nice site. Link ko site mo ha! It brings back many memories.

Anonymous said...

Bigla kong naalala yung old comic strip at TV show "Baltic & Co." sa comic strip mo. Galeeeng! Sign me up for the fan club...

-= dave =- said...

Komiks will not die if one knows where to "publish" it in this age. Nostalgia Manila is in the right direction

Anonymous said...


nena said...

meron pa bang komiks na pinaparent
sa mga tindahan ?

Nostalgia Manila said...


Gaya ng inireport ng ating kaibigan na si Gerry Alanguilan, wala nang gumagawa ng Pinoy Komiks. Lahat ng mga naalala mong komiks noong araw, ay wala na. Nagsara na ang mga gumagawa ng komiks, at ang natitira na lang ay Liwayway, pero alam ng marami na hindi naman talaga komiks yun. Very sad news.

Kaya balik ka rito every Sunday, at may bago tayong episode ng Little Jungle. Maraming salamat sa pagbisita.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Although wala na nga talagang mga old komiks, at nagsara na ang mga companies na gumagawa nito... meron pa ring comics, at hindi ito mawawala syempre. Pero lahat ito ay iba na ang publisher. Mostly mga self publishers like me, Arnold Arre, Carlo Vergara, Budjette Tan, etc. Some of us eventually established big companies like Mango, PSI Com and Nautilus, which publishes lots of comics today.

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