January 01, 2006

80s Cartoons! Watch SilverHawks Full-Length Episodes

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The Origin Story / Watch This Episode
Intergalactic criminal Mon*Star escapes a maximum security prison, and Commander Stargazer reports this unfortunate event to Earth base headquarters. He recruits the Silverhawks "partly metal, partly real," heroes to fight Mon*Star and his band of intergalactic mobsters. Watch and discover the origin of the Silverhawks! This is the first episode of this awesome '80s cartoon series!

Journey To Limbo / Watch This Episode
The Silverhawks explore Limbo and attack Mon*Star, forcing him back to his stronghold Brim*Star.

The Planet Eater / Watch This Episode
The Silverhawks are called into action to stop Mon*Star's Skychomper; a spaceship devouring metallic monstrosity. But Windhammer has other plans for the Hawks, and when the Copper Kid is captured in the heart of Mon*Star's lair the insidious true nature of the Skychomper is revealed. It is feeding the deadly goliath, The Planet Eater. The Silverhawks will have to work together to defeat Windhammer, Hardware, Buzz-saw, and Mon*Star himself in time to save the Copper Kid and destroy The Planet Eater.

Save The Sun / Watch This Episode
When the artificial sun of Limbo is hijacked during a routine refueling Professor Power calls upon the SilverHawks to stop the menace of Melodia, Hardware, and Buzz-saw before they can win control of the most powerful force in the galaxy.

Stop Timestopper / Watch This Episode
Trying to impress Mon*Star into letting him into his gang the reckless teenage criminal Timestopper, with the aid of Molecular and Mumbo Jumbo, steals a mineload of power crystals from the planet Automata. Now the Silverhawks will need to coordinate their attack to beat the clock and defeat this chronological criminal before their time is up.

Darkbird / Watch This Episode
Has Quicksilver gone bad? Or is it the villainous Darkbird, a product of Hardware's ingenuity and Mon*Star's will who has kidnapped Lord Cash of the banking world Dollare? Now the real Quicksilver must stand up to his evil doppelganger and fight to protect his tarnished name.

The Backroom / Watch This Episode
When Commander Stargazer goes undercover to infiltrate Pokerface's Casino, he realizes that the most deadly game of all is being played in the infamous Backroom. But Pokerface plays for keeps, and the stakes are raised when Mon*Star starts gambling with the fate of planets. The SilverHawks are forced deal in, but their chances look slim ‘cause at this Casino all the games are rigged.

The Threat of Dritt / Watch This Episode
Ambassador Dritt of The Triangulons is preparing to sign a historic peace treaty with Earth, Mon-Star however has other plans. He sends the dastardly Molecular who manages to kidnap the Ambassador and bring him to the heart of Brimstar. Now it’s up to Quicksilver and Bluegrass to stop Mon*Star and his mob, before time runs out and intergalactic war becomes inevitable.

Sky-Shadow / Watch This Episode
Frustrated by the constant surveillance of the SilverHawks, Mon*Star gets a hold of a deadly bird called Sky-Shadow. After capturing and analyzing Tally-Hawk, the mob is able to create their own cyborg spy bird. Can the SilverHawks stop Mon*Star and his gang before Tally-Hawk's time is up? Or will the Sky-Shadow destroy them all?

Magnetic Attraction / Watch This Episode
While the rest of the Hawks are busy on a mission Stargazer charges Steelheart, and Seymour the space cabbie with transporting the captured criminal Pokerface to the penal colony. Mon*Star has other plans though, and sends Hardware who using his Super Magnetizer weapon to enhance Mumbo Jumbo manages to disrupt the transport, and launch an attack. Steelwill telepathically sensing his sister's peril, races to her aid. Can the twins stop the mob, destroy the Super Magnetizer and save the day?

Gold Shield / Watch This Episode
When Timestopper and Buzz-saw steal a Disintegrator Cannon from Bedlama, the SilverHawks sure have their work cut out for them. Matters only get worse when Mon*Star decides to use the cannon to rip apart Hawk Haven! The SilverHawks' only hope is the build a Golden Shield (the only known substance the cannon doesn't work on) then take the fight back to Mon*Star and his mob.

Zero The Memory Thief / Watch This Episode
The mob plans to destroy the Earth with a Mega Missile, and with the SilverHawks all busy the only one who knows about the danger is Commander Stargazer. But Zero the Memory Thief has other plans for Stargazer. It’ll take the full might of the SilverHawks to stop this latest villainy.

The Milk Run / Watch This Episode
Mon*star battles to get Melodia back as she's being transported to the Penal Planet by the SilverHawks.

The Hardware Trap - Part 1 / Watch This Episode
Quicksilver goes undercover as a bandit to catch Hardware. First of a two-part episode.

The Hardware Trap - Part 2 / Watch This Episode
Quicksilver chases an escaped Hardware on a sabotaged Sprinthawk, unaware that his vehicle is rigged to explode. Second of a two-part episode.

Race Against Time / Watch This Episode
Mon*star breaks Poker-Face out of prison to officiate over his meteor race.

The Ghost Ship / Watch This Episode
Mon*star uses a Trojan Horse to get inside Silverhawk headquarters.

Fantascreen / Watch This Episode
Hardware devises a machine that can turn Silverhawks into mindless Mob slaves.

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Anonymous said...

Paki post naman yung Tiger Sharks (^_^)

Anonymous said...

1. nkalimutan ko un title nun cartoon... parang Old school na ironman..

2. sky commanders din po

3. un cartoon na ng transform sa mga assigned animal symbol sa armor..

Anonymous said...

1. Its The Centurions, "Power Extreme".

3. It's The Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Lights

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