January 01, 2006

60s TV! Watch Gilligan's Island Full-Length Episodes

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Two On A Raft / Watch This Episode
The shipwrecked castaways awaken to find themselves marooned on an uncharted island, so Gilligan and Skipper set out on a flimsy raft to find civilization.

Home Sweet Hut / Watch This Episode

"We've got to function as a group," Skipper says. But before that lesson sinks in, various factions construct individual huts that can withstand neither hurricanes nor Gilligan.

Voodoo Something To Me / Watch This Episode

A chimp who steals Gilligan's clothes and dresses in them convinces superstitious Skipper that evil spirits have made a monkey out of his first mate.

Good Night, Sweet Skipper / Watch This Episode

Skipper dreams about how he transformed a radio into a transmitter while in the Navy. When he can't remember details, the castaways try recreating conditions that will stir the Skipper's memory.

Wrongway Feldman / Watch This Episode

The survivors are not alone! They discover an old aviator (Hans Conried) and his crashed plane on the island. All that remains is to fix the plane and send the flyboy off to carry word of their plight.

President Gilligan / Watch This Episode

Who's in charge - Skipper or Thurston Howell III? The castaways decide to settle the question the democratic way, complete with election campaigning.

Sound of Quacking / Watch This Episode

A duck captured by the group could be used to fly a message to civilization. Of course, roasted duck would augment the dwindling food supply. Gilligan defends his web-footed friend.

Goodbye Island / Watch This Episode

The tree sap Gilligan wants to use as a pancake syrup turns out to have better use as a glue - one that can be used to patch up the damaged S.S. Minnow.

The Big Gold Strike / Watch This Episode

The castaways are me-deep in greed when Howell finds a gold mine. But the mother lode soon proves to be an unwieldy load for their newly repaired life raft.

Waiting For Watubi / Watch This Episode

A series of mishaps has the Skipper convinced his days are numbered because he disturbed the resting place of a vengeful Tiki god.

Angel on the Island / Watch This Episode

Mr. Howell produces a Broadway play starring Ginger and Gilligan, and it's a blockbuster on the island.

Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk / Watch This Episode

Gilligan believes the castaways will be rescued in time for Christmas.

Three Million Dollars, More or Less / Watch This Episode

Gilligan becomes a millionaire.

Water, Water Everywhere / Watch This Episode

The castaways resort to hilarious devices to capture and ration water.

So Sorry, My Island Now / Watch This Episode

The castaways are captured by a Japanese soldier who thinks WWII is still being fought.

Plant You Now, Dig You Later / Watch This Episode

Gilligan unearths a treasure chest.

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