January 01, 2006

Classic Cartoons! Watch The Flintstones Full-Length Episodes

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The Flintstone Flyer / Watch This Episode
Fred fakes illness so he and Barney can get out of taking their wives to the opera. Using a prehistoric helicopter as a means of escape, the two then join their bowling team for a night of fun. They almost get away with their scheme, until loose-lipped Barney gives away their night's activities.

The Engagement Ring / Watch This Episode
Fred is entrusted with holding onto a ring that Barney has bought for Betty, but Wilma finds it and thinks that it is for her.

Bachelor Daze / Watch This Episode
Fred and Wilma exchange stories with Barney and Betty of how their romance got started.

Pebbles' Birthday Party / Watch This Episode
Fred finds himself in a bit of a "pickle" when he schedules Pebble's birthday party on the same day as his lodge's party.

Love Letters on the Rocks / Watch This Episode
Jealous Fred's discovery of a love poem that was sent to Wilma prompts him to hire Bedrock's top detective Perry Gunite, to find out who the home-wrecking poet is. Gunite's investigation mistakenly points to Barney. Fred plans revenge against his friend until Wilma reminds her husband that he had written the poem himself years earlier during their courtship.

Dr. Sinister / Watch This Episode
Here's a fun episode of the Flinstones doing a parody of James Bond films.

Dino And Juliet / Watch This Episode
The Flintstones have a new neighbor: Mr. Loudrock! After tormenting Fred through practical jokes such as tickling his trapped feet, they go into a feud., which is only broken by Dino falling in love with Loudrock's dog. Eventually, she has puppies, and all is forgiven, and Loudrock and Flintstone live happily ever after.

Flintstone Of Prinstone / Watch This Episode
Fred becomes the quarterback of the football team at the school where he is taking night classes.

The Entertainer / Watch This Episode
When Wilma returns from a trip to find Fred entertaining a female buyer as a favor to his boss, Wilma thinks that he is cheating on her.

Latin Lover / Watch This Episode
Wilma desires to spice Fred up and make him more of a Casanova.

Bachelor Daze / Watch This Episode
Fred and Wilma exchange stories with Barney and Betty of how their romance got started.

Big League Freddie / Watch This Episode
Fred accidentally gets signed to play for a professional baseball team.

Operation Barney / Watch This Episode
The guys call out sick so that they can go to a baseball game.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game / Watch This Episode
Fred catches the attention of a baseball scout.

Indianrockolis 500 / Watch This Episode
Fred tries to win money in a car race for Pebble's college fund.

Wilma's Vanishing Money / Watch This Episode
Fred thinks that he has found a stash of money and uses it to buy a bowling ball. But Wilma is mortified when she finds out because the hidden money was for Fred's birthday present.

Ann Margrock Presents / Watch This Episode
Fred and Barney audition for a TV show. Singer Ann Margrock baby-sits Pebbles.

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1 comment:

Dennis said...

I used to watch the Flintstones every morning before going to school.

Great show to wake up with.

I also liked the Flintstone Kids but that didn't last very long i believe. :(

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