January 01, 2006

Classic Cartoons! Watch The Jetsons Full-Length Episodes

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Rosey The Robot / Watch This Episode
Jane wants a maid but George says they can't afford it. He invites Mr. Spacely over for dinner but what he doesn't know is that Jane has taken a free one day trial offer on a slightly used 'Rosey'. George is in a panic because he thinks that he can't possibly convince Mr. Spacely that he needs the raise if he sees Rosey. In a pinch, Rosey takes leftovers and whips up a delicious dinner and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Spacely fires Jetson and storms out the door. He calls a little later, munching the cake and says that anybody that can make such a delicious cake can't be all bad. In the meantime, Rosey has left, thinking that she caused the family trouble, but they find her at the bus stop and take her home for good.

A Date With Jet Screamer / Watch This Episode
George thinks Judy is too obsessed with her favorite rock star Jet Screamer, especially when she enters a song writing contest in which the winner will go on a date with him. George's efforts to sabotage his daughter's entry backfires as Judy wins the contest after all. On the night of the big date, George decides to keep a close eye by following Judy and Jet everywhere they go.

The Space Car / Watch This Episode
George and Jane go shopping at Molecular Motors. The Supersonic Suburbanite turns out to be too much for them so the buy a car similar to their old model. They get mixed up with bad guy Knuckles Nuclear and his gun Moll.

The Coming Of Astro / Watch This Episode
Jane and the kids want a dog for personal protection, George doesn't believe in that but wants to keep everyone happy. To George the answer is an apartment approved electronic dog, one of those nuclear powered trouble free dogs: Electronimo! At the same moment the rest of the family found a biological dog. A contest should point out the superior dog. Astro proves to be the superior dog when he unwittingly tackles a burglar terrorizing the apartment building.

Jetsons' Night Out / Watch This Episode
George and Mr. Spacely plan to attend a big robot football game. To do so, they lie to their wives to get out of plans they had for them. George tells Jane he's working late to get out of a PTA meeting and Mr. Spacely tells his wife he's caring for a sick employee--which is George! When the wives meet, they learn the truth and vow to get them good unless the guys can think their way out of their predicament.

Rosey's Boyfriend / Watch This Episode
Judy and Rosey find boyfriends. The problem with love is that you're either up or down, and the animated junk pile being Henry's assistant gets a little confused.

Elroy's TV Show / Watch This Episode
George quits his job to manage Elroy's and Astro's TV careers.

A Visit From Grandpa / Watch This Episode
George's 110-year-old relative causes chaos at the Jetson home.

Astro's Top Secret / Watch This Episode
Rival company boss Cogswell believes that George has invented a device that allows Astro to fly!

Millionaire Astro / Watch This Episode
Astro becomes the object of custody fight when wealthy J. P. Gottrockets claims the dog belongs to him.

Jane's Driving Lesson / Watch This Episode
Tired of riding crowded space buses, Jane decides to take driving lessons.

Elroy Meets Orbitty / Watch This Episode
A lovable creature becomes the newest member of the Jetson family.

Team Spirit / Watch This Episode
Elroy's energized cookies help George save his job during a company spaceball game.

Instant Replay / Watch This Episode
A new invention gives George the power to edit history.

Dog Daze Afternoon / Watch This Episode
A mix-up of computer discs causes George to act like a dog.

The Cosmic Courtship Of Jane And George / Watch This Episode
George must woo Jane again after she learns that their marriage isn't legal.

The Swiss Family Jetson / Watch This Episode
The Jetsons use survival skills after crashing on a beautiful, uninhabited asteroid.

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