January 01, 2006

80s Cartoons! Watch The New Adventures of Batman Full-Length Episodes

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The Pest / Watch This Episode
As Batman and Robin have to deal with the Joker, their problems are complicated by the arrival of Bat-Mite! An imp from outer space who idolizes Batman, and wants to fight crime with him.

The Moonman / Watch This Episode
A mysterious glowing individual known as the Moonman, who has incredibly strong magnetic powers, terrorizes Gotham City. It's up to Batman, Robin and Bat-Mite to stop him.

Bite-Sized / Watch This Episode
A super-villain from another planet, known as Electro, reduces Batman and Robin in size using a shrinking ray. Then, he uses a mind-controlling gas on his two small captives, and orders them to steal some top-secret plans from the government, Batman and Robin have to snap out of their hypnotized state, and figure out a way to return to their normal size.

Reading, Writing & Wronging / Watch This Episode
The Penguin opens up a crime school teaching teenagers to commit burglaries for him. Eventually, Batman's utility belt is stolen, and he and Robin have to contend with the Penguin without it. The Caped Crusaders have to retrieve Batman's belt full of gadgets and defeat the Penguin and his students.

The Chameleon / Watch This Episode
The dynamic duo faces a new shape-shifting villain, The Chameleon!

The Deep Freeze / Watch This Episode
Mr. Freeze is very annoyed that he is not considered one of Batman's most powerful foes, and so set the record straight by becoming Public Enemy Number 1, he creates some incredibly turbulent weather conditions. Batman has to not only find a way to stop Freeze's plan, but has to make sure that no people or property are affected by the cold conditions.

Dead Ringers / Watch This Episode
Clayface recruits a circus acrobat with a remarkable resemblance to Robin, and together, they pose as Batman and Robin, in order to steal an oil-locating device. The real Caped Crimefighters must prove themselves innocent, and then defeat their doppelgangers.

Birds of A Feather Fool Around Together / Watch This Episode
Penguin creates the Crime-Slime, which has the capacity to turn anyone evil. He uses it on Bat-Mite, turning him from a harmless imp into a villainous little monster. Whilst trying to return him back to normal, Batman and Robin must also deal with the Penguin and his new creation before any more damage is caused.

Have An Evil Day - Part 1 / Watch This Episode
Zarbor is an imp from Bat-Mite's hope dimension of Ergo. He arrives in Gotham and employs the city's top criminals The Joker, Clayface, Catwoman and The Penguin. He commands all four villains to eliminate the dynamic duo and Bat-Mite. While all four crooks are busy trying to get rid of the caped crusaders, Zarbor makes himself busy by shrinking nuclear plants and collecting them so that he may take them back to Ergo.

Have An Evil Day - Part 2 / Watch This Episode
Batman and Robin track Zarbor back to his home planet, where they find the missing nuclear power plants. While there, they have to do battle with the incredibly powerful villain before the Earth runs out of power.

This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite! / Watch This Episode
Seeking revenge on Batman and Robin, Zarbor uses a mind-altering ray on the both of them, turning them into the villainous Crime Crusaders. With Batman and Robin helpless to stop themselves, only Bat-Mite is left to rescue them and defeat Zarbor.

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