October 01, 2007

Gummi Bears Cartoon Opening Video

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Gummi Bears (1985)

The main characters were seven anthropomorphic bears, although some human characters also featured. The series is set in medieval times in the once populous Gummi Glen; the main Gummies' neighborhood is inhabited only by seven gummies. The world has other gummies. The Great Gummies are refugees elsewhere awaiting a signal to return. Other gummies live in Ursalia. Allies of the gummies include the people of Dunwyn (Princess Calla and Cavin), other kind humans, and other Gummi Bears. Their main nemesis is Duke Igthorn, who aims, with the aid of ogres, to rule Dunwyn. The theme song, "Bouncing here and there and everywhere", was written by Michael and Patty Silversher.

The Gummi Bears gain their temporary ability to bounce by drinking Gummiberry Juice. If the juice was consumed by humans (or ogres) they would gain temporary superhuman strength, although on humans, the effect would only work once a day and tended to wear off after about a minute. It also serves as fuel for various Gummi devices, especially flying machines. For these reasons the bears kept the recipe secret. A fruit juice drink called Gummiberry juice was for a short while retailed in the United Kingdom, Germany, and possibly other places. During the late 80's there were a few PX import marts in Manila selling Gummiberry juice bottles. Regina's in Shoppesville, Greenhills sold a variety of Gummi Bears merchandise, but unfortunately the elusive bottles of Gummiberry juice weren't part of the store's inventory.

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