October 23, 2007

Daimos Theme Opening & Ending Lyrics

"Erikaaaaa!" "Richard!" "Erikaaaaa!" "Richard!" Watch full-length episodes of Daimos! Join Richard as he fights Prince Ulrich and the Brahmin forces, as they attempt to seize planet Earth.

Daimos Opening Theme Lyrics
Moyase moyase
makka ni moyase
Ikaru kokoro ni hi o tsukero

Kaose kaose
Chikara no kagiri
Omae no karate o misete yare

Akare iro no
Hi o abite
kirameku kyotai

Manazashi wa
mirai o mitsume
Yagate kuru
heiwa o inoru

Yonderu yonderu
Daimosu Daimosu
Toushou Daimosu

Minna wa omae o yonderu

Daimos Ending Credits Lyrics
Daremo hitori de
ikite wa yukenu
Waratte anata wa
sou itta

Ano koe ima mo
mune ni hime
Kaerenu michi o
hitori yuku

Aoi sora o
midori no heiwa o kudasai

Sore ga sore ga
dou shitemo
hoshii no desu

Ai shiau futari no tame ni

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