October 31, 2007

Nostalgia Manila's Big Halloween Special!

Lock your doors, check inside your closets, and look under your bed! Turn off the lights and enjoy Nostalgia Manila's Big Halloween Special! Read true-to-life stories, accounts of readers who have experienced the supernatural. These stories will surely make your hair stand, and bring bring shivers up your spine!

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Enjoy watching this long lost Looney Tunes episode entitled "A Haunting We Will Go"! On Halloween, Daffy tries to prove to his nephew that here is no such thing as witches. Starring Speedy Gonzales, Daffy Duck, and that crazy witch! You've seen this on IBC 13 many many years ago, and it's time you watch it again and have a good laugh!

Bonus! Here's something fun. A reader sent me this photo of what she claims is a real Manananggal flying above a provincial landscape. It could also be one of those giant bats... but who knows?! Maybe it is! Bwahahahaha!

All this and more in Nostalgia Manila's Big Halloween Special! Happy Halloween everyone!

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MONACO said...

mananaggal? if legends are even true, they say they only come out at night and sunlight kills them. the pics looks like it was taken in broad daylight. interesting pic anyway.

ribbiticus said...

this was one of my most favorite looney tunes episodes! loved that witch! lol! ;)

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