October 10, 2007

Who did Rico Mambo?

Ok, so after watching the video of the CPDRC inmates of Cebu dance to the Rico Mambo a bazillion times, I've been trying to find out the name of the music group or artist that originally recorded that amazing 80's tune! I'm just stumped. I remember having a cassette tape of it when I was younger, and that song brings back a lot of fun memories. Does anyone have an idea where I could get an MP3 file of the song?

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Chris said...

I have it as part of a mix, that ok with you? Here are the lyrics of the song, sung by Breakfast Club


Oh, Rico Mambo
It’s easier to fall in love.

Para pa para, para pa para
Para pa para para, para pap doo da…
(Repeat last 2 lines)

Just like the mornin’ crossin’ the night
And changes everything in sight
I’ll open my love, open the doors
But I never heard its sound before.

Always jokin’ about it
Always , I try to figure it out
Always, I try to not think about it
It’s easier to fall in love.

Oh, Rico Mambo
Oh, Rico Mambo, yeah
I get that feeling
Everytime that you get that mambo.

I think I’ll go right by the door again today
Perhaps not the same way
I’m thinkin’ who is gonna show if you don’t
I’m not so sure that you won’t.
(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)
Oh, Rico Mambo
I get that feeling, I get that feeling…

So can’t you show me what you’d do again today?
You say, well, that can be arranged
But I’m a dancin’ fool, I just can’t smile
I say, well, that’s gonna take a while.
(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus 3X)
(Repeat 2nd stanza of intro to fade)

Nostalgia Manila said...


You're a lifesaver!


I hope I can find this on Multiply.

Thanks again!


heckdapogi said...

chords! i need chords!!!

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