September 25, 2007

Tex Time! New Darna Vintage Tex Cards

Gather around and get ready to win it all! It's Tex Time! Featuring super rare scans of Vintage Tex Cards you treasured growing up. Nostalgia Manila shares with you a delightful collection of recognizable card faces you thought were forever lost in time.

Handa ka na ba mag laro? Halina at maglaro tayo ng Tex!

More Tex Time! The Red Guardian The Avengers Set 2

Tex Time is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).

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kuyageezer said...

can someone refresh me on the rules of tex?

kuyageezer said...

can someone show me how to play tex? i wnat to show my son and his cousins how to play it using their football/baseball cards.

Anonymous said...

bet ka kung ilan cards itataya mo.tapos meron kang pang pampato na card yung ang gagamitin mo sa pag tira ng tex.kapag tumihaya pato card mo (pic facing up) at sa kanya naka taob panalo ka.tapos bilangan ng tinaya na...ang bilang i-sa da-la-wa tat-tlo and so on...bawat tex.

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