September 21, 2007

Peel Here! Shawn's Sticker Collection #07: Trend Scratch And Sniff Stickers

Nostalgia Manila in cooperation with proudly presents, Peel Here! Our very good friend Shawn Robare has the most extensive sticker collection you've ever seen! Showcasing fun and rare vintage sticker sets from the 70's to the 80's. This will definitely take you back to all those fun times at school, trading stickers with your friends!

Cinnamon Bun & Fried Chicken
Chocolate Chip Cookie & Chocolate Ice Cream

Year: 1979-1987

Shawn's Comments: Scratch and Sniff stickers. Whether you know them as sniff, sniffy, stinky, smelly, scratch 'n' sniff, scratch & sniff, scent, or scented these stickers were undeniably a part of most kids lives in the 70's and 80's. Practically every company producing stickers had a line or two, and there were ever a few companies who dealt almost exclusively in the form, Trend, CTP, and Mello Smello off the top of my head. There were licensed stickers like Mr. T, Kool-Aid, E.T., and Garfield, as well as generic or company specific images, of which Trend is probably the popular and prolific. There were even puffy scratch & sniff stickers which was like a 1980 girl's wet dream come true.
Candy Apple & Blueberries
Candy Cane & Vanilla Cupcake
Banana & Apple
Toothpaste & Tomato
Strawberry & Raspberry

The popularity of these stickers was so pervasive that the idea spread to many other products other than stickers. There were many toys including, two scented Masters of the Universe figures, Stinkor and Moss Man, both of which rounded out my sense memories for that toy line, not to mention a whole line of Strawberry Shortcake figures. There was even a series of scratch and sniff children's books (I had a Popeye one that I've been trying to find for years to no avail), scented crayons, pens, pencils and erasers.
Pizza & Plum
Pineapple & Pear
Pancakes & Peach

For today's vintage sticker collectors Scratch & Sniff's are probably some of the most rare, not to mention expensive, stickers because of they're very self-destructive form. Not only is it a sticker, which means that at least half of all those made were used as just that, but in order to get to the sweet scent you had to (obviously) scratch the sticker which left most of them, after time, faded, ripped or scentless.
Hamburger & Bubblegum
Grape Jelly & Cola

Nostalgia Note: *Scratch And Sniff Stickers were usually available at Gift Gate, bookstores, and various stationery and gift shops.*

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Peel Here is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Shawn Robare. Visit Shawn Robare's blog at:

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dessa girl said...

i wish i had these stickers!!!

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