September 04, 2007

Nights of Long Ago

By: Corazon F.

During the last powerful storm, we lost electrical power for 3days and 3 nights.There were inconveniences we had to deal with , foremost was the humidity and heat without air conditioning, not to mention all the contents of the refrigerator and freezer we had to throw away. But it was the stillness and quiet that cheered us up---as someone said--"away from the madding crowd"---no phone, TV , computer---just the soft tic-tac of our battery-operated desk clock.

The house looked different,with lighted candles at dusk. There was a warm glow, and things looked more cozy and intimate.Even Resty and I looked better .(LOL)

On the first night, we had supper by candlelight, though the fare was hardly the stuff you see served on candle-lit dinners. We had fried fish, tomatoes and achara, but that was one of our best meals. After dinner, we put our chairs by the window, where a mild breeze was wafting in bringing with it the scent of Honeysuckle from our garden. We talked and reminisced about so many things---our childhood, first crushes, first loves, our parents, everything about the good old days.

I was reminded of those nights when I was young and my parents would spend quiet time after dinner talking about their day. There were no distractions then, no computers, no phones ringing, TV was black and white. I remember my mother always requesting me to play the piano after supper, before we did our homeworks.As young ones then, we felt so safe and comforted just watching our parents so relaxed and enjoying the end of their busy day. This image of my family really evoked warm memories.

Resty and I found ourselves looking forward to the succeeding nights.. We recalled Philippine folk tales even daring into ghost stories. We sang songs, practiced some of the old Simbang Gabi favorites and he pretended to serenade me with "DAHIL SA 'YO", though refusing my request for him to serenade me from outside, with me looking down from the window---like a real HARANA---LOL.

Electric power is back now but we will always remember those three nights; nostalgic nights, nights of long ago.

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