July 17, 2007

Nostalgia Bloggista: Zero of zerovoltage

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Name: Zero
Blog: http://www.zerovoltage.blogspot.com

1. Where did you grow up, and what made that place special?
I mostly grew up in Caloocan City. But I consider my grandparent's houses in Binondo, Manila (father side) and San Pablo City, Laguna (mother side) important extensions. Caloocan is a very convenient place, it's got almost anything you'd need. I learned my street smarts growing up there.

Living near the school was the best part! we didn't have a problem catching the afternoon cartoons, plus sleeping and waking late wasn't a problem. The Binondo house was our weekend playground, where we spent quality time with the whole family and played with our cousins. San Pablo was where we spent our summer vacations. It's where we applied what we learned from chinese school (I'm half chinese), and speak to our grand parents using the language and learn a little something in business by helping out in the family bazaar.

2. What was your favorite tv show, cartoon, or children's show growing up? What did you like about these shows that made them your favorite?
For the TV shows I loved Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Batibot, Automan, MacGyver, Knight Rider, The Greatest American Hero, Perfect Strangers, ALF, The A-team, Small Wonder ... what can I say? I'm quite the TV geek. That was what we do after home work at night ... watch, watch, and watch some more.

Cartoons you say? I loved the 80's because of the content they put in the kiddie shows. Transformers, He-man, The Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Centurions, Visionaries, Thundercats, Bravestarr, Super Friends, Spiderman, Voltes V, Daimos ... the list just goes on and on ...

The thing I most like about the 80's was variety. A time when the most innovative ideas for shows started. When shows had moral values and never had to be offensive to sell ratings. The quality and genius made all these shows my favorites and the inspiration in my works.

3. Favorite music group or artist? Most memorable song?
As a kid I was never into music, I remember the songs but not the titles or the artists/bands that sang them. I loved TVJ, APO, and Weird Al Yankovic however. It was the wit and humor of their songs that caught me, I still like to listen to their classic songs from time to time.

Kermit the frog's version of "Rainbow Connection" would be the most memorable song. Because they keep reminding me I sang to it as a kid, even though I have no recollection of doing so :P

4. Share with our readers one of your fondest memories of growing up.
I had a blast growing up. We used to go out often, I'm the eldest of the siblings so I experienced those times, it decreased in frequency as the family got bigger. I swam in the manila bay when the water was clearer, played in rizal park's children's section (the part with stone dinosaurs) when it didn't smell of urine and was (almost) free of vandalism. Playing didn't have to happen infront of a computer or a tv screen, it's sad that some kids are missing out on these things today.

5. What do you miss from back then that's not available today?
Lots. The wide roads, the clean streets, the clean air, food (Chickadees, Serg ...), even the fact that you have to wait for a week to catch the next episode of your favorite shows. Some how the waiting gave these things more meaning. Because you can't get the videos anywhere, save the betamax versions made by some rental houses.

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