July 12, 2007

Peel Here! Shawn's Sticker Collection #02: Transformers Puffy Stickers

Nostalgia Manila in cooperation with www.brandedinthe80s.com proudly presents, Peel Here! Our very good friend Shawn Robare has the most extensive sticker collection you've ever seen! Showcasing fun and rare vintage sticker sets from the 70's to the 80's. This will definitely take you back to all those fun times at school, trading stickers with your friends!

Year: 1984

Shawn's Comments: This set of stickers are a variation on Puffy stickers, but with an awesome lenticular printing flare. What is lenticular printing you ask? Well there is a great entry on it in the Wikipedia here. Basically it's when two images are broken up into vertical laths and are arranged at different angles, so that when you look at them from different angles they appear to be one image or the other (and sometimes a mixture of both.) In the 1600's painters were using this process, cutting up their paintings and arranging them to fake a 3-D effect with the images.

Nowadays we print these type of images on prisms so moving the prism makes the image appear to change or move. This was freaking huge in the 80's, especially with kid's novelty sneakers that had cartoon characters on them, so when a kid was walking the image would flicker and change. It was also used in printing stickers, most prominently in one particular line, the Transformers, for what I would hope would be obvious reasons. I'm not sure exactly what these types of stickers were called because until I did some research I had never heard of 'Lenticular' before. I think we called them flicker stickers, though I've now seen 'switchable', 'changeable', and 'prism stickers' on different sites and packages.

These stickers come from a Transformers sticker book set from 1984. Apparently you purchased it separate from the stickers then you'd try and collect 4 different sticker sets to complete the book. I picked this set of stickers up on Ebay because it had a Sideswipe sticker, and he was always my favorite Transformer (I mean he's a freaking toy, a robot, and a Lamborghini, that's like the king of 80's boy triumvirates.)

More Of Shawn's Sticker Collection: Ghostbusters

Peel Here is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Shawn Robare. Visit Shawn Robare's blog at: http://www.brandedinthe80s.com.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have the book that goes with the stickers. It has some of the stickers in it. I would love to find the rest of the stickers to complete it.

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