July 31, 2007

Seeing Stars: Purico Advert Jaime De La Rosa

Seeing Stars is made possible through the kindness of our good friend Edward De Los Santos. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: philippine.music (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA).

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Vince said...

What year is this from?

Nostalgia Manila said...


Jaime started his film career quite early. His first movie was Mga Anak ng Lansangan (1939) for Eastern Pictures.

After the war, Jaime resumed acting for LVN Pictures, starting with Garrison 13 in 1946, followed by his solo, Aladin (1947) and a string of many lead roles until 1958.

He looks quite young here and judging by the look of his outfit, I'm thinking this ad could've easily been printed in the late 40's, very early 50's.

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