July 07, 2007

"This Site Will Live In Our Hearts!" Nostalgia Manila Fan Mail!

Dear all, this is really, really a great site, I feel young again.

Looking back is like a breath of fresh air. I was so amused how people still have kept all those things all these years. I remember myself being a BMX rider too but not really that good though. Also had a lot of matchbox then, like my mom would buy one every week, had a die-cast metal of some of star wars figures like the Imperial AT-AT (the four-legged one) complete with pilot and small storm troopers, had a C3-PO, a whole collection of FUNNY COMICS from the very first issue...sad thing is I've never had a chance to keep them...I'm a clumsy kid back then...i only manage to keep a few star wars (only two, actually) figures like the x-wing and tie-fighter...had a game and watch too (parachute), also had that robo-watch...etc etc...

guess i could say that i really lived those years (80's to be exact) but most of my stuffs back then were lost, borrowed, never to return...I remember giving 5 full boxes of FUNNY COMICS to a younger generation in my neighborhood in Tondo before we moved to muntinlupa...geesh this site is really awesome I wish some of the guys would post some FUNNY COMICS...i still remember the characters like: BATUTE, BING, BAM, BUNG, NIK NOK, MAHIMUD ALI, ADVENTURES OF DAX, BULOL & TAGAK...etc, etc...I remember they're issues being circulated during saturdays (i guess) so i would wake up early, head to the supplier of comics and newspaper...will have my fresh issue before they send it to other newsstand or stores...it will still feel warm and the smell of ink...that comics inspired me to draw...

now I'm an art director in a multinational advertising agency. I remember sending my artwork in THIS IS YOUR PAGE section of that FUNNY COMICS and then after a week or so...letters are pouring in, week after week...saying they liked my drawing (no kidding) I became popular in my neighborhood because of that drawing...I drew SUPERDOG & HIS PAL TUTING ( after they finished the story of SUPERCAT) and then one girl from southern province (cant remember the exact place) became my penpal after that, our relationship in pen & paper lasted i think around 2 years and just fade away like a smoke...but its a real walk down memory lane...i wish i could have preserved most of my stuffs when i was a kid so at least i can also make a contribution to your fabulous site...

guys have a club of some sort? i wish to be a member...MORE POWER GUYS... by the way...I'm always STAR FIVE...the green guy in STAR RANGERS.

Maraming salamat kay Nicky Sanchez na nagpadala nito! It's always great to hear from all of you readers and fans. Keep the emails coming! Send your emails to:

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1 comment:

nerdluck said...

OMG... the robowatch!!! I got about 3 of those for Christmas of 1988 or was it '87?

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