January 03, 2007

Commercial Break: Voltes V: Volt In Box!

This is a rare video clip of the original Voltes V: Volt In Box toy advert that was aired in Japan, and most of Asia during the '70s and early '80s.

Video provided by Nostalgia Manila. If you wish to share this video, please make a reference note and LINK BACK to Nostalgia Manila.

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Arthur/Nurikane said...

OMG, that was really nostalgic! I remember back in '85 when my late Mum and I went to a toy store besides San Roque Church in Manila. They sold everything from cheap toys to original merchies such as GI Joe. I was trying to convince her to buy me that cool robot. But she refused when she saw its price tag worth P400. I cried but I had no choice!

Now, most of the rich fanatics of Voltes V and avid mecha and super-robot collectors are hunting those now-hard-to-kind treasures for at least P20000 (in good condition).

Can you feature Daimos and Mazinger Z as well?

Nostalgia Manila said...

Absolutely! Daimos, Mazinger Z, and other super robot toy adverts coming soon! STAY TUNED!

Jon said...

Oh wow! That was absolutely fantastic! I had Voltron of Robots and Lions back in '85, but I wanted Voltes V the most! And like arthur/nurikane, mum didn't get moved by my tears. Tsk.

Thanks for doing this, and keep 'em coming!

N.B., My first post failed (blogger generated error). If it somehow got through, just drop it. Thanks!

Vince said...

Mahirap lang kami noon so wala akong mga toy robots kahit na gustong gusto ko. Pero one day, I made a Voltes V robot out of cardboard, and it actually volted in just like the metal version!

arnold said...

Yeah, I think I remember watching that commercial before. Brings back memories of good old V5 days. Thanks posting the video!

I love your blog, brings back the good old days. Hope you can feature more Bagets/New Wave era stuff in Manila.

Nostalgia Manila said...


Video Hit Parade Classics are featured 3 times a week here on Nostalgia Manila. OMD's - Secret, was featured today! That should remind you of the New Wave / Mobile days, parties in Corinthian Gardens and Valle Verde. More long lost music videos of New Wave hits to come. Are you a Bagets fan? Stay tuned for the BIG BAGETS SPECIAL NEXT WEEK! That's going to be a lot of fun!

haidee said...

Ayy grabe... I am amazed! Saan mo nakuha mga materials mo? Brings back all the fun memories of childhood. Great blog!

palawandiver said...

Yesiree! those were the days when all you cared about was getting home home just in time to catch VOLTES,MAZINGER,GETTER,GAIKING,GRENDIZER,BALATAK etc from all the channels competing for that time slot. TV noon wala pang remote so lipat mano mano pag commercial so you dont miss the other robot show. Expensive those days to ask mum/dad for a robot toy, ihad just Gaiking & Voltes. The other robots i was lusting for was in sticker form. Mura na & the selection was enough to satisfy my robot craving. Im now collecting 12ft robots from that era & will show pix if thats allowed here. Thanx & great blog/......RONNIE

Nostalgia Manila said...


Send photos of your robot collection to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com!

Looking forward to seeing your collection.

ron said...

photos sent/ty!

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