January 14, 2007

Cartoon Flashback: Remembering The Super 6

The Super 6 was an animated cartoon series which was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in 1966 and shown every Saturday morning during everyone's favorite cartoon marathon show Saturday Fun Machine on RPN 9 from the late '70s till about the early-to-mid '80s. The show starred an array of unforgettable superheroes under the supervision of the cheif dispatcher. The show consisted of three 5-6 minute shorts, and would open with a segment featuring Super Bwoing, and the latter featuring either one of the other five heroes or a segment featuring the three headed Brothers Matzoriley. You can watch a few Super 6 episodes here at Nostalgia Manila!

Cartoon Opening Plus Brothers Matzoriley Episode

Super Bwoing: Noted for his rather unremarkable physique, extreme clumsiness, and a rather odd pot-shaped red helmet with wings on it, echoing the helmet worn by the Graeco-Roman deity Mercury. His preferred mode of transportation was to fly through the air on his guitar, using the strings like reins on a horse. The guitar was equipped with a signal light which flashed an alert from the Super Service Headquarters when his services were required. His primary super-pwer was the ability to emit a super "lazer beam" from his eyes. When in attack mode he would call out "ZIP, ZAM, ZOWIE and SWOOSH". Due to his being the clumsiest of the Super Service heroes, he seemed to only get jobs if the others were busy or on holidays; in essence, the last choice and in any case better than nothing.

Granite Man: Composed of granite rock, and possessed the expected powers of near-invunerability, incredible strength and a powerful uppercut. When not working for the Super Service, Granite Man served a role as a statue in a local park. His assistant was Percival, a messenger pigeon who would wake him from his statue mode with the words "Oh rock of power, Awaken face, this dangerous hour".

Magneto Man: As the name implies, his powers were based on magnetism. He had blond hair, and wore a red suit with a magnet drawn on his chest. His assistant was a young sidekick named "Cal", and in addition to being the brains of the pair, also gave kids at home some minor educational tidbits in science. Both heroes were from London, and had exaggerated British accents; Magneto Man's accent was virtually identical to that of actor Cary Grant.

Elevator Man: Ironically the shortest of the Six, he wore a grey safari suit and a large belt. By pressing one of two buttons on the buckle, he could shrink into the size of an ant or grow into a giant. Other than his size-changing powers, no other special abilites were ever shown.

Super Scuba: An ocean-based hero, Super Scuba wore green SCUBA gear and lived in an underwater cave with his secretary "Bubbles" the mermaid. Bubbles was infatuated with Super Scuba, and would also accompany Scuba on his missions. Despite being relaxed, over-confident and self-centred, he managed to use his brains and wits to defeat his opponents.

Captain Whammo/Zammo: This hero was usually dispatched to fight villains of a more military nature. Oddly, his uniform - a peaked military officers cap, which looked more like a witches hat, pointy shoes and dark sunglasses - appeared anything other than military. His powers included flight and incredible strength, and used the catchphrase of "Tither, Yonder and Away" as he lept to the skies. The Captain also had the power to travel back in time to various historical events as part of his assignments, in which he was also assisted by Private Hammo. Private Hammo was fiercely loyal to the Captain, usually jumping in front of him to protect him from danger. Whammo would then usually award the carbonized Private with a medal, only to immediately confiscate it "For having a dirty uniform".

Trivia: The series had a catchy title song performed by 60's pop-star Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis.

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Reno said...

I hated Captain Whammo/Zammo. He made his sidekick do all the work.

I also remember Super Bwoing teaming up with Scorch (A Human Torch type), who, when he got immersed in water, was nothing more than a giant matchstick.

Maybe next time you can do an article on Crusader Rabbit! :)

zero voltage said...

One cartoon I remember watching, but can't recall a single episode of :P

Puro intro lang tumatak ... si Elevator man and yung palpak lang natatandaan ko. Super Bwoing pala name nya he he ...

Nice post :D

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey everyone! A RARE FULL EPISODE of Super 6 has been added! Come and watch it! It's really cool!

wayne moises said...

I watch all the Super Six episodes when I was six years old at that time during childhood for several years and remains a historic comments about the classic animation as a collectors item kept for posterity.thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion .From:Wayne

Anonymous said...

For those who are interested,the entire series is available on DVD.

wayne moises said...

I watch the Super Six the most popular animated superhero series aired from 1966-69 NBC network & reruns around the world long before Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Voltes V Transformers G.I.Joe & others. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

I am the big fan of cartoons & comics in popular culture in world history. Thanks! From:Wayne

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