March 02, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure book of the week!

Nagsimula ang Choose Your Own Adventure book series noong 1979. First developed and written by Edward packard. Original talaga ang concept dahil ikaw ang main character ng libro at ikaw ang namimili kung ano ang mangyayari sa istoriya. Maraming multiple endings at napaka-sayang basahin mas lalo na pag hindi ka makapag laro sa labas at umuulan. Ito ang hinihiram mo sa library ng school mo, o binibili mo sa Goodwill, Alemars, o sa National Bookstore.

Author: Edward Packard
Don Hedin (credited as Paul Granger)
First Published:
August, 1982
0-553-22515-4 (early printings), 0-553-23236-3 (later printings)
118 pages
Number of Endings:
Plot Summary:
You return to the Cave of Time and end up in medieval Europe, where you must solve a riddle and find a mysterious castle.

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Bean said...

I was our school library's top borrower because of these books!

I love em!

Culture Shiok!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Same here Bean. I went to the library today (here in NYC), and I checked out "Journey Under The Sea"! I was so excited that I really didn't give the book a good look. When I got home, I was very much disappointed! It was the NEW REVISED EDITION! It was horrible! Horrible edits in the writing, and most of all, the art was soooooo BAD! I couldn't believe R.A. Montgomery would allow this! The illustration is one of the coolest things about the series!!!! They call it an UPDATED EDITION. Am going to find me a bookshop here in Nyc where they sell old books, and buy me the REAL DEAL!

madman101 said...

thank god for ebay. got a few of the old ORIGINAL books. there are actually lots of them in the States. too bad some sites don't ship to Manila.

Nostalgia Manila said...


Yes, you can definitely find a lot of these books on Ebay, and I've even seen a few sellers sell an almost complete set. I've seen about two that had the complete set, including the Interplanetary Spy and Time Machine adventure books series. Remember those? Will feature those sometime in the future. Which titles did you get? Which was the first one you ever read?

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