June 27, 2007

Nostalgia List #27

"I'm Susy, I'm Geno!"
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178. Pinakaguluhan sina Susy and Geno noong dumalaw sila sa eskwela mo para mag-promote ng Sustagen. Usually sumasayaw sila sa stage o sa gym ng school at nagpapamigay sila ng mga sample ng Sustagen. Nangungulekta kayo ng pamilya mo ng takip ng Sustagen para ipalit sa mga redemption centers, in exchange for Sustagen logo merchandise.

179.Pag may birthday party ang usual na handa: Mocha cake (puti ang icing at may flowers na nakadikit sa toothpick na laging madaling maubos), matamis na spaghetti, Purefoods hotdog on a stick (na mayroong Carnival brand marshmallows na naka-tuhog sa dulo ng stick), tapos Magnolia ice cream cups; usually Chocolate, Ube o Mango flavor. Kung mayaman ka nandoon si Hawi yung puting mascot ng Magnolia ice cream na sabi mo mukhang cloud. Pinaglalaruan ng lahat ng bata sa party ang dry ice. Nilalagay mo ito sa baso na may tubig at kungyari kang gumagawa ng magic spell.

Pinagawayan ninyo ng mga kalaro mo kung aling orange drink na tinitimpla ang pinaka masarap. 8 O-Clock, Tang (parehong powder), o Sunquick. (concentrate na nasa bote).

Minsan nagpadala ka ng joke para sa joke portion ng Champoy (with Subas Herrero and Noel Trinidad) "Walang sisihan, walang sisihan."

182. Kinakanta mo at memorize mo ang WLL Radio theme song pag nakikinig ka ng radyo: "You are the minstrel, and I'm your guitar."

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Nostalgia Manila said...

Hoy mga nostalgia fanatics! 100 points sa makakatanda ng buong lyrics ng WWL Mellow Touch theme song! Sige nga! ;)

Anonymous said...

u are the minstrels im your guitar .the mellow touch....yan lang tanda ko

Bakeks said...

you are the minstrel and i'm your guitar.i play your music straight from the heart.each tune you sing just makes me fall in love again so sweetly.you are the minstrel and i'm your guitar!the mellow sound of WLL...time check..

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Anonymous said...

di lang yan sikat din ang dzmb nun 70s sila archie black and archie brown at annie ang dj's tpos ang jingle station nila ay "Pilots of the airwave hir is my request you dont have to play it but i hope u do ur best i'll been listening to ur show on d radio and u'll seem like a fren to me" tanda nyo pa yan?

Anonymous said...

I know all of the items mentioned here. I'm only 23! Grabe ata ang memory ko ah!

Anonymous said...

The DZMB jingle is from a song by Charlie Dore. So it really is not a jingle. The one from DWLL is unique to that station.

Anonymous said...

If you wanna hear the Station ID of DWLL 94.7. Just go here:

Anonymous said...

ei, Jim of Cavite hir. e ung original lyrics ng DWRK na lumang W-Rock jingle? tska before nagkanda jologs jologs angmga FM stations, tanda nyo pa ung KC FM sa 93.9 band?

Anonymous said...

awit ni lea salonga: "I love milk and i love klim so rich and so creamy oh woh woh woh woh woh woh...i love KLIM"

Anonymous said...

baka naman meron may alam kung san pwede mapakinggan un station id ng WLL mellow touch. antagal ko na hinahanap ala na ako makita e.tnx

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whom I asked to get a copy of it (jingle)from DJ Chris of Mellow 94.7 coz he has been working with mellow back when it was still Mellow Touch, but they said they don't have a copy of it now.

Anonymous said...

Parang wala pang 8 o clock nun... baka Sunny Orange... as in sunny orange i love you...lemon, grapes, and strawberry... sunny orange tasty drink... sunny orange you're the one for me... :)

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