April 27, 2007

Big Toy Sale! Nova Fontana's old stock of Action Figures, Role Playing Game Sets, and other Amazing Vintage Toys! Don't miss this one!

Ah yes, Nova Fontana! That was everyone's toy store wasn't it? I had so many fond memories of Nova Fontana, especially the Shoppesville branch. They had a really cool display window at the front with all the coolest toys. You went inside and on the left side they had a counter, and behind that was a wall covered with action figures! He-Man, G.I. Joe, Marvel Secret Wars, M.A.S.K, Centurions, Transformers, MR Mini-Robots (Japanese version of GoBots) and so much more, too many to list! On the other side they had these Barbie & Ken display shelves, along with some Playmobile playsets. And on the other side of the store, they had all the Role Playing Game sets and books by T.S.R Hobbies: Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel Super Heroes, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, and Top Secret! And on one side they had Remote Control car kits (most of them by Tamiya), and other sorts of model kits by companies like Revell.

Well, our favorite toy store has closed. I can hear the moans of a million 80's kids. But! You can own a bit of Nova Fontana history! Our good friend Toni has discovered that Nova Fontana's old stock is being sold at 2 venues in Greenhills! Toni reports:

It’d be best if you see it for yourself. Be prepared to say the following lines: "Oh my gosh!", "Hey do you remember this…?", "I had one like this before!" or "Uuuuuuuuuy!" (said in the tone of one hitting gold unexpectedly).

There's no time to lose! Check out Toni's blog for the entire scoop! She tells you exactly WHERE these two sales are at!

Many thanks to Toni for sharing this bit of news. I'm sure all you Nostalgia Fanatics would love to check it out. I'd buy everything if I was in Manila! ;)


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Anonymous said...

Nobody wants those toys except a few oldies.

Nostalgia Manila said...

It's quite ignorant to think that these toys would only be wanted by "a few oldies". They're actually sought after by serious collectors as they've acquired so much value.

I hope the next time you decide to leave an ignorant comment, you'll have the guts to leave a name, even if it's just made up. ;)

joyceinheels said...

I'm not an oldie but I remember Nova Fontana =)

Anonymous said...

Yes I do agree with you Nostalgia, I grew up in the 80's and I visited Nova Fontana when I heard that it is closing down. The owner is sick and I gave my regards to her. Obviously who ever left that comment does not appreciate nor probabaly never had these quality toys. 80's kids are tight knit and we do not welcome like these in our sites. This place is an institution and a part of our lives. Those so called "few" are millions and the "oldies" are us, the 80's kids...Youre not welcome here who ever you are.

More power Nostalgia! I share this site to everybody even here in the States. Good show!

JimBoy said...

Yeah... I'm an 80s kid too... I remember getting lost at robinson's galleria for staying too long at the nova fontana branch there nung bata pa ako... Sino ba nman ang di makakalimot sa oras kpag nakapasok sa loob ng store na ito? It's a toy heaven pips! Lot of memories... Sayang at nagsara na sila... Thanks for being a part of my childhood. :)

eraserheads collector said...

I'm on my 30's but I loved to collect those toys I never had before. It is like fulfilling your dreams (when you're still a child) that someday you can buy those toys too.

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