February 06, 2008

Super 6 Full-Episodes Watch Cool 60s Cartoons Video

Super Bwoing, Granite Man, Magneto Man, Elevator Man, Super Scuba, and Captain Whammo/Zammo! Do these character names sound familiar? Of course they do! They're characters from one of your favorite cartoon shows Super 6!

Super 6 was shown every Saturday morning during everyone's favorite cartoon marathon show Saturday Fun Machine on RPN 9 from the late '70s till about the early-to-mid '80s. You can now watch Super 6 episodes here at Nostalgia Manila, and relive the magic of this long lost cartoon favorite!

Live Minute! 12:30 PM This has been a NM Live Minute Update!

1 comment:

Citizen J.D.C said...

Hi, Nostalgia Manila. I am Citizen JDC, a blogger. Sorry if I am typing this message where I am supposed to post a comment,I just want to say thank you that you have read my blog and expressed interest to republish (Partial) Memories of an 80's Childhood in all its three parts. The article is incomplete, but watch out I will continue my recollection of the past that will never come back to us, but can be revisited over and over again. By the way, you have my permission to republish. It is flattering to know that someone finally got to visit my blog which contains mainly personal reflections of an ordinary Pinoy everyman.Again thank you and I will feature you one of these days so watch out.

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