December 10, 2007

Thundercats: Excalibur / Watch Cool 80s Cartoons DVD Quality Video

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The Ancient spirits of evil show Mumm-Ra the story of King Arthur, and explain to him that the strongest sword that ever existed was Excalibur, Arthur's weapon. Mumm-Ra disguises himself as Arthur, and returns to the lake where the sword is guarded by The Lady of the Lake. Fooled by his disguise, The Lady gives Mumm-Ra Excalibur. The disguised Mumm-Ra challenges Lion-O to a dual, and Lion-O foolishly accepts the challenge. The swords clash, and Excalibur is victorious. The eye of Thundera is split in two, and the Thundercats become powerless. Merlin, Arthur's teacher and a famous magician stops Mumm-Ra from destroying the Thundercats, and restores the eye to its original state.

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chintot said...

Hi - great page. I wanted to ask you a question about an 80s cartoon show that I've been trying to remember the title but couldn't for the life of me. It is about a rag tag team of super heroes (not superfriends) ... that has a catchy jingle, which me and my brother loved to sing to. It was on for only a short time and possibly mid-80s. The cartoon type is more cutesy, it seem to cater more to the younger crowd (cartoon drawings are more like carebears than spaceghost or he-man, if you get what I mean). I remember that it somehow a comic spoof of other cartoon super heroes. There is someone that is named like granite (or the hardest element on earth) and then there is someone like Odin the norse god and someone that looks like captain america. There's a couple more heroes and in their opening credits, they introduce all the heroes/members of the team ... do you remember?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey Chintot!

How long have you been trying to figure this out? Well, no need to rattle your brain cos I have the answer for you! Ready? The cartoon you're talking about is called Super 6!

It's not an 80's cartoon, and it was actually a cartoon made in 1966, which clearly shows in the cool late 60's animation style, music, and humor. Although it's considered a 60's cartoon, it was shown some time in the late 70's to about the mid 80's every Saturday morning during everyone's favorite cartoon marathon show Saturday Fun Machine on RPN 9.

You're right, there is a character named Granite Man! I featured the cartoon a while back and you can check it out here! You'll be able to read all the cool info about this lost cartoon, AND as a BONUS I've added a FULL EPISODE of The Brothers Matzoriley that you can watch! Check it out!

chintot said...

Wow!!! That is amazing! I can't thank you enough!! No wonder I can't find it in the websites I've boon surfing around, it's not an 80s cartoon. But it's great that I found your site, it would be very rare to find someone who would have known. I am so very grateful. Hats off to you and your knowledge of cartoons. My brother will be very happy to hear this news, hehehe. (Ang babaw namin 'no?) Thanks for adding the other clips. You ROCK!!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey chintot!

Glad you found Nostalgia Manila! Hey remember this, "There is nothing shallow or mababaw about preserving treasured memories!" AMEN! ;)

Yeah do share this with your brother, your friends and family. Tell everyone to come and enjoy themselves here at Nostalgia Manila, and continue to spread Nostalgia Fever!

Maraming salamat!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of a cartoon with green furry characters. as far as i can remember they float around in bubbles in the intro and the bad guy is some kind of monster who has a throne in a cave and theres a big chasm between the throne and the cave entrance, his lackies always have to shout across to get orders or deliver bad news to him. maybe im goin crazy but thats how i remember it. if anyone knows the name it would save my mind

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