November 07, 2007

This Week's SKC! Go SKC Go! The Ultimate 70's & 80's Nostalgia Guessing Game

It's time to take the Super Kamote Challenge! Test your knowledge and nostalgia skills in identifying Toys, Cartoon Characters, Video Games, and all sorts of random stuff from the 70's and 80's! (Leave your answers as comments) Are you ready? GO SKC GO!

Can you guess which He-Man figure this is?
A) Stratos
B) Man-E-Faces
C) Skeletor
D) Trap Jaw

You've seen this thingamajig, but probably not this close! What is it?
A) Apple ][e CPU power button
B) Apple ][e monitor standby button
C) Apple ][e CPU lock
D) Apple ][e disk drive

Who is this cute 80's cartoon sidekick?
A) Rainbow Star
B) Twink
C) Starspot
D) Twinkles

Name this Atari game!
A) River Raid
B) Action Force
C) Fighter Pilot
D) Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator

Answers to our Previous SKC!
1) Daimos 2) Sprite Butterfly Yo-Yo 3) Getter Robo G 4) Pitfall!

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sitsiritsit said...

go skc go!

toy master
c. skeletor!

what in the world
d. apple computer disk drive

cartoon champ
a. rainbow star? (hindi ako sure...)

atari action
c. fighter pilot????

Lara said...

Ako pa try! GO SKC!

toy master
c. skeletor yan

what in the world
d. definitely an apple computer disk drive

cartoon champ
a. that's TWINK from rainbow brite! i have a stuffed toy of him kasi.

atari action
c. fighter pilot i think. i never really played atari... my brothers would know.

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