November 23, 2007

Whiz Kids TV Show Opening Video

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Whiz Kids (1983)

The "Whiz Kids" were Richie Adler, Todd Porter, Jeremy Saldino, and Alice Tyler. They would solve mysteries with the help of Richie's computer system called RALF. Farley (Max Gail) was their mentor. Other characters included Richie's sister Cheryl and Lt. Neal Quinn.

Richie Adler lived with his mother and sister - his father worked away from home. Periodically, Richie's father would send him obsolete pieces of electronic and computer equipment including in one episode, a programmable robot called Herman. Richie collected these pieces of equipment from his father and connected them together to form "RALF" - his pet name for his computer system which included, in one episode, a primitive webcam.

The show was based on Richie and his friends coming across mysteries which they (mainly Richie) would attempt to solve using his computer skills with RALF's power. Guidance was provided by Farley (their mentor).

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