November 12, 2007

Starzinger Cartoon Opening Video

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Starzinger (1978)

Starzinger, also known in Japan as "Science Fiction Journey to the West Starzinger". In the US it is referred to as Spaceketeers, in the UK it is referred to as Sci-Bots, and in the Philippines it was aired as Starzinger.

The story revolves around the Princess of the Moon, Aurora and her three cyborg companions (Kugo, Djorgo, Haka) who must travel to the Great King planet and restore the Galaxy Energy. The universe is becoming more and more unbalanced as the Queen of the great Planet grows older. Their adventure includes battling the starmen who are transformed from the unbalanced minerals and planets.

The cartoon series aired in the Philippines on IBC channel 13 as Starzinger. After its initial broadcast, the show was an instant hit. Starzinger bootleg merchandise soon followed; these included t-shirts, stickers, and various toys made of cheap plastic. Each of the three main characters in the cartoon series featured special weapons, which were also made available as toys. The most popular toy was the Starzinger leader Jesse Dart's Astro-lance, which looked very much like the one Jesse uses in the cartoon. It was a white colored staff about 2.5' long, battery operated and had flashing lights on both ends of it. There were Starzinger toys made in Japan, but were quite rare to find in Manila. Most parents at the time had to go to Hong Kong to purchase the real Starzinger toys for their kids. These were the original toys that were made by popular Japanese toy manufacturers such as Popy and Bandai.

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